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  • September 11, 2022

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The Wisconsin Badgers have the luxury of staying home another week and will welcome the Washington State Cougars at 3:30 p.m. ET Sept. 10 at Camp Randall Stadium.
The Badgers got themselves on the board against the Illinois State Redbirds last week, but Illinois State never followed suit. Wisconsin put a hurting on Illinois State at home to the tune of 38 to nothing. The matchup was all but wrapped up at the end of the third, by which point Wisconsin had established a 31 to nothing advantage. Their RB Braelon Allen was on fire, rushing for two TDs and 148 yards on 14 carries. Allen put himself on the highlight reel with a 96-yard TD scramble in the second quarter.
Meanwhile, it was all tied up 10-10 at the half for Washington State and the Idaho Vandals last week, but the Cougars stepped up in the second half for a 24-17 victory. Washington State QB Cameron Ward was slinging it as he passed for three TDs and 236 yards on 40 attempts.
Their wins lifted both teams to an identical 1-0. We’ll see which team can carry over their success and which team inevitably falls when the Badgers and Washington State clash.
Take a bow, Nakia. Goodness #GoCougs #Wazzu pic.twitter.com/yoAf4ErfP5
Washington State University
Pullman, Wash.

It’s just a neat, neat place and the alumni, bunch of sweet, sweet kids
We just received a text from Jake Dickert’s mom: “OMG!”#GoCougs
Game. Set. Match. COUGS WIN! I am thrilled for the @WSUCougarFB program! #WSU #GoCougs pic.twitter.com/kUSvvsKQXY
There will be no beer left in Madison tonight. #LFG #GoCougs #WaveTheFlag pic.twitter.com/w6NeRnxp85
COUGS WIN! COUGS WIN! COUGS WIN! @WSUCougarFB pulls off huge upset at No. 18/19 Wisconsin #GoCougs #Wazzu https://t.co/K0vU6aKuaM
We’ll be back. #OnWisconsin pic.twitter.com/vsOsdmKHuX
FINAL: WSU 17 Wisconsin 14. The Cougars have just pulled off the ultimate upset. Unbelievable. #GoCougs #Wazzu
Ma’ake Fifita with a fantastic pull springs Nakia Watson for 11 yards and a first down. Tick tick tick. #GoCougs #Wazzu
17-14 WSU with 2:17 to go as Wisconsin calls its second timeout. Remember, the Badgers burned one earlier. #GoCougs #Wazzu
What a terrific design. Cam goes play action, quick screen to Victor who picks up big yardage. Great blocking by Strib. #GoCougs #Wazzu
Cam Ward. Oh my goodness. A premature snap and he reacts and picks up the first. Gutsy, gutsy play from the Cougar QB. #GoCougs #Wazzu
Huge third down coming. 3rd and 2. If WSU picks it up, they can melt more clock. Run? Throw? #GoCougs #Wazzu
Sam Lockett III, the Pride of Gonzaga Prep, making plays for the #GoCougs.
5:14 to go. Can WSU pull this off? #GoCougs #Wazzu
Quinn Roff. Comes from behind, punches the ball out and Sam Lockett recovers. And this one will count. #GoCougs #Wazzu
It’s easy to say from here that Mejia probably should go down, but you’re not thinking about that in the moment. #GoCougs #Wazzu
Oh my god. Christian Mejia intercepts a pass and then fumbles and Wisconsin recovers. Twice in one game. Absolutely bizarre. #GoCougs #Wazzu
This game is obliterating the WSU defense. Langford hurt, Lee hurt and now Travion Brown is in serious pain. #GoCougs #Wazzu
Getting a little bit of vintage Badger football right now. Run after run after run. A few yards here, a few years there. #GoCougs #Wazzu
SACK ‘EM @nickherbig_ 👀 pic.twitter.com/U5RF8GEmB3
Jordan Lee banged up again. Really can’t lose him. #GoCougs #Wazzu
SACK ‘EM @nickherbig_ 👀 pic.twitter.com/DEQ8joSjH3
And Wisconsin converts on third down again. WSU brings the house but CSW is getting hit for PI. Unfortunate because he wasn’t going to catch that, but it’s close enough to be ruled as PI. #GoCougs #Wazzu
WSU has not forced one of its patented turnovers yet (technically). Now the time for one? #GoCougs #Wazzu
Nakia Watson has two critical touchdowns, but has not found much success between the tackles. Might be worth giving Jaylen Jenkins a few more touches. And those quick passes to the sideline are working too. #GoCougs #Wazzu
WSU responds by going three and out. Quick completion on first down but then a run is stuffed and Wisconsin’s All-American Nick Herbig sacks Cam. #GoCougs #Wazzu
That may not have been blocked. He may have just missed that. #GoCougs #Wazzu
Scenes from the sidelines in Madison from award-winning CF.C photographer Whittney Thornton #GoCougs https://t.co/qcSrCW3RcL
Wisconsin tries a field goal to start the fourth. It is blocked. Cougars still lead 17-14. #GoCougs #Wazzu

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