Vols in the NFL – Week 3 Update – University of Tennessee Athletics – University of Tennessee Athletics

  • September 28, 2022

Making it look easy @ceeflashpee84

📺: @FOX5Atlanta || NFL+ #ATLvsSEA || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/qeitsWsWrS
Cordarrelle Patterson launching over people.

📺: #ATLvsSEA on FOX
📱: Stream on NFL+ https://t.co/4z1s6QOg5w pic.twitter.com/wBl5YFgm5x
CP just out here being CP.

📺: FOX || NFL+ #ATLvsSEA || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/UPigTdwFW9
Unreal from @CallawayMarquez 🔥

📺 FOX pic.twitter.com/hoC0CT6FjB
Extendo-arm Taylor if you ask us. pic.twitter.com/if4cCGTUoq
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