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  • September 9, 2022

Canadian police said Monday one of the two brothers suspected in a series of stabbings has been found dead from injuries that were not self-inflicted. The other brother remained at large and might be wounded, they said. Regina Police Chief Evan Bray identified the deceased suspect as Damien Sanderson, 31, and said Myles Sanderson, 30, is believed to be in Regina, Saskatchewan. A manhunt across three provinces had been underway after the brothers were named suspects in a stabbing rampage that left 10 people dead and 18 wounded – one of the bloodiest mass killings in Canadian history. The attacks early Sunday took place in at least 13 locations in and around the James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, a sprawling province nearly the size of Texas. Authorities revealed no motive for the attacks, but said some of the victims had likely been targeted by the suspects, while others had been attacked at random.
A federal judge in Florida approved Donald Trump’s request Monday for a special master to review documents seized during a search of his Mar-a-Lago estate, which included “secret” and “top secret” records, and temporarily halted the Justice Department’s criminal investigation of the records. U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon authorized the appointment to review the documents for potential claims of attorney-client privilege or executive privilege, or to prevent government lawyers from reading those documents. Cannon ruled the Director of National Intelligence could continue to review the documents to determine risks to national security and asked lawyers for Trump and the Justice Department to jointly submit a list of names of potential special masters by Sept. 9. The Justice Department said it was reviewing the decision.
California cities reported record temperatures this weekend amid a punishing and dangerous heat wave. The heat has already sparked damaging wildfires and stressed the state’s power grid. Forecasters warn the sweltering temperatures also posed health risks as people celebrate the holiday weekend. Forecasters had warned most of California and Nevada and parts of Arizona, Utah, Oregon and Idaho to brace for high temperatures.
Meanwhile, two dangerous wildfires are burning through the same California county, creating new challenges for firefighters.
📸 Neighborhoods smolder as California wildfire rips through more than 4,000 acres.
Saturday brought another launch scratch for the Artemis I mission. Technical issues caused delays on Saturday and eventually robbed spectators in Cape Canaveral, Florida – and around the country – of something Americans haven’t seen in more than 50 years: a launch to kick off a NASA program to send humans to the moon. A similar situation unfolded during NASA’s first launch attempt of the crewless Orion capsule on Aug. 29. NASA officials said the 322-foot rocket will return to the Vehicle Assembly Building for repairs and recertifications, likely delaying the flight to sometime in October.
Britain will get its third prime minister in just over three years as the ruling Conservative Party announced Monday it had chosen Liz Truss to be its new leader after an internal party contest. Truss, 47, has sought to portray herself as the political heir to Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s “Iron Lady” and first female leader who advocated with zeal for free markets, lower taxes and the privatization of large state enterprises from telecoms to energy. The new prime minister replaces Boris Johnson, who resigned in July after senior members of his government turned against him amid a series of scandals and waning appetite for his brand of politics. 
The opening weekend of college football season saw some highs and lows, including an impressive performance by defending champion Georgia. Georgia’s 49-3 win in Saturday’s season opener against No. 12 Oregon saw last year’s dominance continue, only reinforcing the widely held belief that Georgia will be one of the teams to beat in the race for the College Football Playoff. New Oregon quarterback Bo Nix averaged just 4.7 yards per attempt and the Ducks’ defense did just about nothing right under first-year head coach Dan Lanning, formerly Georgia’s defensive coordinator. Take a look at the rest of Week 1’s winners and losers here.
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