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  • October 3, 2022

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Week Four Recap
Talking the business of sports
The Texas Tech Red Raiders will play against a Division II opponent, the Murray State Racers, in an early-season tune-up on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET at Jones AT&T Stadium. While the Red Raiders were not exactly top dog last season, they did wrap up the year with a winning record of 7-6.
Stands on heights of victory 🎶#WreckEm pic.twitter.com/f2KjU0NeCn
#WreckEm pic.twitter.com/1ERNg03Qi1
First dub of the McGuire Era 🌵 pic.twitter.com/i4VpmNEqZ0
VicŦory formation.
What a guy. pic.twitter.com/S4K6SnrcPB
D has been cookin 😤 pic.twitter.com/y0iXNau5d1
That @BehrenMorton to @masontharp80 connection 🔥

📺: https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq pic.twitter.com/zIjTN6ywvu
Feeling good through three 👏 pic.twitter.com/0oIlbUlkWK
In at QB – @BehrenMorton 💪 pic.twitter.com/rG3xPhix4c
Easy does it @jbradley_9 😎

📺: https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq pic.twitter.com/HtGUAO82Di
😋 pic.twitter.com/eC1wxwZ4vZ
Quick spin and he’s headed to the house 🔥

📺: https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq@Sarodorick | #WreckEm pic.twitter.com/Kn25ZbWHgi
TOUCHDOWN @Sarodorick‼️ pic.twitter.com/ofMi3D9QPS
🗣 First half breakdown from @JoeyMcGuireTTU pic.twitter.com/FF6wPDDb7p
Numbers at the half 📊 pic.twitter.com/VF6XiYLA12
Solid first half 💪 pic.twitter.com/wwcG41uDBE
Make that THREE for @just_tahj 🥵

📺: https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq pic.twitter.com/1bzpyTgqOV
There goes that man‼️@just_tahj scores TD No. 2 for the night! pic.twitter.com/b7KxhEC3dK
Playmakers 😤

📺: https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq@SmittyJawns | @LFouonji pic.twitter.com/dTvEdAZYDC
AIR IT OUT @SmittyJawns finds @LFouonji for another Red Raider TD 🔥 pic.twitter.com/JBdPfOt7w5
First career TD for our guy @jbradley_9 👏

📺: https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq pic.twitter.com/xAO4Tayq5b
TD JERAND BRADLEY‼️@jbradley_9 | #WreckEm pic.twitter.com/miC4l7pQ7f
End 1st 💪 pic.twitter.com/a4jPiN0d2y
SACK MACHINE @krishonm17 pic.twitter.com/v1wiHOyFrX

📺 https://t.co/gxyclTOnFq@just_tahj | #WreckEm pic.twitter.com/mEf1jbXICs
IT’S BROOKS TIME ⌚️ @just_tahj | #WreckEm pic.twitter.com/w7qkx0ijRZ
Monster of a sack by @Tbradford97 😤

Back on offense with 8:35 left in the 1st

Setting the tempo 🔥#WreckEm | @LFouonji pic.twitter.com/aeR88qVE4d
Game 1 Captains 💪#WreckEm pic.twitter.com/ffvl9dyf6D
It’s go time. 💪#WreckEm pic.twitter.com/nFNHKv554S

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