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On the surface, the passing stats from Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett in the 42-10 victory over Auburn, 22-of-32 (68.75%) for 208 yards, do not appear notable in any way. But included in those incompletions were several missed opportunities due to throws being off the mark, and several quick strike and screen attempts appeared to be a struggle for the sixth-year signal caller. During the CBS broadcast, it was noted that Bennett was dealing with a shoulder issue. While Smart did not mention anything in his postgame press conference, on Monday he did indicate his starting quarterback was dinged up but not necessarily injured.
“Stetson has been good,” Smart said. “He was dinged up after the Missouri game, in terms of, he took some shots in that game. Got knocked down a couple of times. His shoulder has been bothering him. But there has not been a large limitation or anything. He has not missed practice time. So he has been good in regards to that.”
After throwing for five touchdowns and no interceptions in the first three games of the season, Bennett has now gone three-straight games without throwing a touchdown pass. Smart was asked Monday about where he feels Bennett is on deep balls and passing in general.
“I feel great about Stetson and always have,” Smart said. “He does a tremendous job seeing the field. He does a great job growing through his reads. He’s got great arm talent. He can throw touch passes. He can anticipate throws as good as anybody in terms of anticipating a guy getting open while he’s getting pressure. Have seen him repeatedly do that here. He’s done a good job in the passing game. So very pleased with where he is in regards to that.”
Bennett did account for a score in the win over Auburn with a 64-yard touchdown run, his fifth rushing touchdown of the season. Smart, as he often has in the past, placed a high value in what Bennett brings to the table in his ability to create with his legs.
“It brings the ability to make defenses play honest,” Smart said. “You can’t play a guy that can take off running a certain way. If you do, he will expose you. So he gives you the ability when people man-match, play split safety coverages, he can do things with his feet. Third down, he becomes a weapon. Boot naked, read plays where you can read and read the backer and read the flow and you are actually defending one extra person. We know that defensively from some of the quarterbacks we’ve had to face the nightmare that can create. We got to do a good job of utilizing that skill set while also keeping him safe.”
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