Shane Beamer Updates The Injury Report – Sports Illustrated

  • October 1, 2022

The Gamecocks had a productive Thursday night, embarrassing South Carolina State on national television and refuting several narratives surrounding this football team.
Furthermore, South Carolina continues to gain health as the weeks continue. The injury report read a country mile before the Arkansas game; now, it will be virtually empty.
Head coach Shane Beamer spoke on some key members that missed Thursday's action and seemed confident they will be back for South Carolina's trip to Lexington, where they will take on the top-ten ranked Wildcats.
Beamer said the team was "hopeful" it could get corner Darius Rush back in time. He confirmed that corner David Spaulding could have played in a big game situation, but the team preferred to keep him out of action.
Tackle Dylan Wonnum's status is still up in the air. He was doubtful for Thursday's contest, but an eight-day rest may be enough time to return to action. Edge rusher Terrell Dawkins will miss another game after undergoing knee surgery before the Charlotte game.
Offensive line coach Greg Adkins will take a leave of absence from the team, citing some minor health issues. Beamer seemed confident that these problems were small-term things that should resolve themselves, which is an encouraging sign.
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