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  • October 22, 2022

Rohit Sharma Press Conference Highlights: Team India captain, Rohit Sharma on Saturday, will address a pre-match press conference ahead of India’s T20 World Cup opening match against Pakistan. India will lock horns against their arch-rivals Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. India hasn’t won the T20 world title since the very first in South Africa, and has only reached the final once in the six subsequent editions.
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Virat Kohli takes throwdown practice on the eve of #INDvsPAK game!

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The two sporting arenas in close proximity. Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Rod Laver Arena.

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Rohit Sharma: “Even in Perth, when we were playing warm-up, one side boundary was kept longer. We have played on these grounds quite a lot. When you play on such grounds, you need to think tactically. Don’t think there will be a short-long boundary concept in tomorrow’s match. We have had the conversation on it with our batters and bowlers. We have also talked to our batters on how to convert singles into doubles and triples by hitting in the gap. Dekho abhi kya karte hai ladke.
Rohit Sharma: “I don’t believe in the terms, favorites and underdogs. If you don’t reach the ground with the right mindset on that day, you won’t be able to perform. Whenever we come into the World Cup, there’s outside talk about favorites and underdogs. The qualifier was the best example of how you need to focus on execution on that very day.”
Rohit Sharma: “I don’t want to use the word, pressure. Because it is constant. This Pakistani team is very challenging. All the Pakistan teams that I’ve played have been good. It’s just about on that day. And that has what happened in the last so many years. Pakistan were good on the day of the T20 World Cup match. They were also good at the Asia Cup. Luckily for us we got to play them twice at the Asia Cup, we don’t get to play them a lot. We got gauge them. Their strengths, weaknesses.”
Rohit Sharma: “Giving the boys the freedom and security was very important. To let them know that they can do the job for us, without them worrying about their place in the team. If your mindset is right, you can go out there and perform fearlessly. Winning wasn’t as important as that for us in the lead up to this World Cup.”
Rohit Sharma: “We also know their bowling is very good. And our batters are quite experienced. It becomes a good situation for the match and the viewers. I’ll say this that we have talked about how we need to execute this. For us both batting and bowling will be important and we must also not forget fielding.”
Rohit Sharma: ‘Pressure toh nahi bolunga but it has definitely been a challenge for us to perform at the ICC tournaments. We will have to focus to get things right. The last one we won was in 2013. With a team like India, there are a lot of expectations. This tournament gives us a chance of changing that. We don’t need to think too much about.’ 
Rohit Sharma: “Yes, all 15 players are fit and available for selection.”
Rohit Sharma: “Obviously captaining India is an icing on the cake. I’ve played before against Pakistan in a big match. But my focus will be on how India can do well in it.”
Rohit Sharma: “Upar waale ke haath mai hai ki kal kya hoga, in terms of the weather. It is more competitive when there are all 40 overs. But we have to prepare ourselves for whatever happens.”
Rohit Sharma: “My take is let’s focus on this World Cup because this is important for us. Whatever happens later, the BCCI will decide.”
Rohit Sharma: “In hindsight, yes it is important. In the morning when I woke up, lot of the buildings were under cloud. And now there’s sunshine. So we need to prepare for what we can. If the situation demands it is a shorter game, we’ll play according to that. Lot of guys have played in games like that. Luckily we played one game in India against Australia which was an eight over game.”
Rohit Sharma: “Not a lot of cricket has been played this time in Australia but it was important for us to get some data on that. And what kind of pplayers have been successful in Australia. It’s a bit of both. I certainly want to keep my mind open for selecting the XI on the day of the match. That’s the sort of message that was given to the guys as well.” 
Rohit Sharma: “This was a conscious decision from the BCCI and team management after the last tournament. We knew where the World Cup was happening, so we wanted to come here (early) and get used to the conditions. A lot of the guys in the team had not played before in Australia. That was a key decision. Getting acclimitized to the time zone. I thought the way we prepared in Perth, we were lucky enough to get that time.”
Rohit Sharma: “His body was something we wanted to look at. We wanted him to recover. We wanted to give him full four overs in the warm up game but that didn’t quite happen. He looked quite ready in his preparation. It’s just about executing now and doing what Shami does.”
‘Very nervous’ were the first words from captain Rohit Sharma as he sat down in the press conference ahead of India’s first T20 World Cup match against Pakistan on Sunday. The typical state of mind ahead of a big fixture. Follow us for all the live updates from the PC.
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