Quinn Ewers injury update: Texas quarterback's status for Week 5 game vs. West Virginia – Sports Illustrated

  • October 2, 2022

Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers is not expected to play against West Virginia on Saturday as he recovers from his shoulder injury, but he could be back soon.
Trainers believe Ewers will be healed and ready to play in time for the Longhorns' game against rival Oklahoma, according to a report from ESPN.
Ewers continues to rehab from the shoulder injury he sustained in the Alabama game on Sept. 10, and is still working on the original 4-6 week timeline that doctors laid out for his recovery.
By returning against Oklahoma, Ewers would mark the minimum of 4 weeks rehab time estimated by medical experts at the time of his injury.
It was a considerable injury, officially an SC sprain at the point where the sternum and clavicle meet in the quarterback's non-throwing shoulder, causing enough pain to give him trouble breathing and swallowing.
Moments after connecting with Xavier Worthy on a long pass play near the goal line, Ewers was struck and driven into the ground by Alabama defender Dallas Turner.
The force of the collision pushed Ewers' left should and arm into the turf.
He required intervention from trainers on the field for a few minutes, but was able to walk off the field under his own power.
Ewers did not appear to favor the shoulder and it didn't require a brace as he walked off the field and towards the Texas dressing room.
Soon after Ewers went down, a report emerged that the shoulder sprain was so severe that he would likely have to sit out as long as 6 weeks.
But the quarterback's prognosis appears to have improved dramatically since the injury, with the Statesman reporting that Ewers will be back "far sooner than people expect."
Most players are able to play though the injury if it's a low-grade sprain, but quarterbacks are the exception to that rule because of the importance of the shoulder muscles and bones in throwing the football.
Depending on how severe the injury is, most players can recover in 1 to 6 weeks provided there is no fracture or severe sprain.
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