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  • October 12, 2022

Notre Dame fifth-year cornerback Tariq Bracy has been a regular in the Fighting Irish secondary for literally years now but his status for Saturday’s home tilt with Stanford appears to be in major jeopardy.  At least if I was in charge it would be.
Marcus Freeman was asked Monday about Bracy, who exited the game against BYU with a leg injury.  Freeman didn’t make it sound bad but hardly made it seem likely that Bracy would be ready to play this weekend.
“He’ll be questionable. He pulled his hamstring. I just found out he had a virus illness and so he was probably a little bit dehydrated. He was playing a lot of plays and running around there. They said it’s a grade 1 and it is not really bad. He’s kind of freaky athletically. Hopefully he’ll bounce back. But we’ll see how he feels today. I saw him yesterday and he was confident. He was a little bit sore. We’ll see how he feels today. But right now he’s questionable.” – Marcus Freeman
I know the debacle against Marshall should serve as a reminder that nothing is given and with this Notre Dame makeup, although it’s plenty talented, there isn’t much that’s going to be really easy for them and Stanford would apply to that.
However, the thing with pulled muscles is they just like to kind of linger.  A day turns into a week, a week into a month, a month into a season.  Unless everything checks absolutely 100-percent fine with Bracy early in the week, I’d be giving him a week off to make sure he’s fully over what could leave behind a lingering issue.
Freeman also pointed out Monday that defensive lineman Howard Cross is expected to play Saturday night.
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