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  • September 12, 2022

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones emerged from the season-opening loss in Miami with a back injury. X-rays reportedly were negative. Beyond that, there’s not much information.
Which is usually the case when it comes to Patriots injuries.
“No update on Mac,” coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Monday. “We’ll see how he is today. But he came back with us. So we’ll see how that goes. Yeah, that’s about the news from yesterday. . . . I know everybody’s hungry for an up to the second update, but honestly the best way to handle these situations is always to give a little time, see what happens, run whatever tests or analysis need to be run and then go from there. So that’s what we always do. That’s what we’re going to do in this case. That’s what we’re going to do in every other case with every other injury. Unless something is more clear cut or obvious in a very short period of time, which sometimes it is, but that’s why we have these medical procedures and we’re going to use them. So it’ll be that way with just about everybody. I’m sure there’ll be a couple examples, maybe a broken bone, or something that shows up on an X-ray right away, that’s a little bit different. But other injuries or potential injuries are evaluated much more thoroughly on the day after when there’s just a lot more information.”
Jones, who didn’t meet with reporters after the game, is expected to talk to the media today. He likely won’t say much, if anything, about his injury.
Don’t be surprised if the mystery lingers. Don’t be surprised if he’s llsted as limited on Wednesday’s practice report, due to the back injury. It then remains to be seen regarding whether he’ll be questionable, doubtful, or out on Friday, and whether he’ll eventually travel to Pittsburgh and play in Week Two.
Here is an update: his arm looked weak yesterday
Unlike some Patriot fans I hate to see players get injured and don’t make insinuations that have no basis in fact. I hope the young has a speedy recovery.q
Injuries suck. Mac faces a very tough D-Line next week.
The offense look anemic. What a difference from just a few short years ago.
Sounds more like they just didn’t want him to talk to the media answering questions about playcalling, etc.
Patriots sure do MISS Tom Brady. The debate has been solved …it was Tom Brady who made the Patriots not BB.
Here’s an update for you: Mac Jones has zero chance of ever playing in a Super Bowl.
Clown head coach.
The Patriots are in a free fall right now and it’s not going to change anytime soon. They’ve needed to get a look at other QB options anyway as Mac is clearly a bust, despite all of the first year over-hype. The Lombardi trophies belong to TB12, he was the reason for their success and didn’t want to be there any longer. Long road of futility ahead!
nhpats2011 says:
September 12, 2022 at 10:06 am
Here is an update: his arm looked weak yesterday
Yes, we already knew Tua had a weak arm, but tell us about Mac Jones.
Yikes! A lingering back injury is the last thing the Pats need. They’re not going anywhere with him but the road to a last place finish is clearly a risk without him.
Remember when he made the Pro Bowl as the 10th alternate? This team has 0 talent and 0 chance, won’t be competing with the Bills for atleast 15 years.
Actually he was the 5th alternate, but who is counting. He may be the 4th best QB in the AFCE by the end of this yr, but hey, what a 1st round steal, huh??
News Flash he has a Noodle arm .
So much salt towards the pats its hilarious 😜just remember jealousy and envy are incurable diseases.
Let the Bailey Zappe era begin
Technically “the division runs through Foxborough ” this year is still true. That team looks like the runs.
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