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  • October 24, 2022

David Montgomery appeared off to a promising start against the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon. Then he went down with an apparent injury. There were initial fears it might be a knee issue. The running back then walked to the medical tent and from there to the locker room. His status remains uncertain though a recent update says he is doubtful to return. That is never a good sign in and of itself.
Former NFL doctor David Chao didn’t provide any welcoming news. Upon reviewing the injury video, he believes Montgomery’s primary issue was an ankle injury. Based on his initial diagnosis, the running back will unlikely return for the game. As to the severity, that won’t be known until further tests can be run. It likely will end up being a high-ankle sprain. Either way, it’s not a loss the Bears’ offense can afford even with Khalil Herbert playing well.
Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery suffered a right ankle injury when he was rolled up on in the first quarter against the Texans.
By video, Montgomery appeared to suffer a high-ankle sprain while pass blocking, according to the Pro Football Docs.”
#Bears running back David Montgomery suffered a right ankle injury in the first quarter against the #Texans
Why our panel of doctors don't expect him to return today:
— Sports Injury Central (@SICscore) September 25, 2022

See why unlikely to return.
— David J. Chao – ProFootballDoc (@ProFootballDoc) September 25, 2022

The young Bears quarterback continues to struggle with consistency in the passing game. Houston has done a good job of containing him in the first half. It is clear they have to lean on the running game until Luke Getsy and the coaches can get him sorted out. That becomes far more difficult without Montgomery. The good news is Herbert fits this offense well and is no stranger to handling heavy workloads. The question is whether the Bears have enough depth to survive the loss.
No doubt rookie Trestan Ebner could get more action. Depending on how long David Montgomery is out, the team may have to find some outside help. Alas, the NFL is a brutal sport. Even the toughest players can’t always survive the rigors intact. Knowing Montgomery, he will fight like crazy to get back as soon as possible. For the Bears, it’s a matter of adjusting to life without him until then.

sorry monty but it was great to see herbert run on sunday and not see montgomery jumping side to side to side before trying to gain some yards.hopefully herbert keeps the job,and we don’t have to watch montgomery ever again!he isn’t very good.
Herbert will take Monty’s spot and it will be seamless in transition, look for Ebner to be #2 behind Herbert to maintain a very capable 1-2 punch. The issue is not at OL, RB, WR, TE, or with the OC; it is with J Fields and he knows it and admits it. Right now with the way he is playing he is holding this team back. He wants more opportunities to pass, but at the same time, he is not showing any evidence of improvement. It won’t take to many more games before Getsy goes to Eberflus and wants to pull… Read more »
Teams will simply sell out to stop the run because at this stage, Fields doesn’t look like he can throw a ball at a barn and hit it.
The media and fans have to give Fields some time to develop. We are all desperate for a franchise QB, but the constant barrage will take a toll on him mentally.
Wishing Montgomery a speedy recovery. On the flip side, I think they will be fine. The RB depth is strong with Herbert , Ebner and Blasingame, and Darrynton Evans probably will be moved to the 53 man roster.
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