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  • October 25, 2022

The status of quarterback Tyler Van Dyke is in question at the start of the week of preparation for the Virginia game.

Van Dyke sustained an injury to his throwing shoulder with 8:58 remaining in the second quarter and Miami trailing 14-7. 

During a Monday morning appearance on The Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM, coach Mario Cristobal was asked about the status of the quarterback. 

“There is nothing new to update right now, but we will keep you posted,” Cristobal said.

At the time of the injury, Van Dyke completed 11-of-16 passes for 81 yards with a 7-yard touchdown pass to Colbie Young before exiting. Van Dyke stayed down on the field for a few minutes. When he came to his feet he held his right arm bent at 90 degrees and held in place to his body and walked immediately to the locker room with trainers by his side.

Van Dyke entered the Duke game fourth in the ACC with 1,648 passing yards to go with nine touchdowns and four interceptions. He threw for a career-high 496 yards, second-most in school history, in a loss to North Carolina on Oct. 8.

Jake Garcia replaced Van Dyke in the second quarter and displayed an inconsistent performance, completing 13-of-21 passes for 198 yards and two touchdowns, including a 71-yard touchdown pass to Colbie Young, but the quarterback also accounted for five turnovers on the day (three interceptions, two fumbles). 

“He had some good moments and he had some he’d like to take back,” Cristobal said of Garcia’s performance against Duke. “The guy is a competitor. He is going to get right back. He knows there are mistakes he made. Going forward we are going to be in tight games and we have to be good with our responses in tight games.”

Third-string freshman Jacurri Brown has been used in short yardage packages as a runner over the past two weeks, carrying the ball four times for 23 yards and catching a nine-yard pass. 

Miami (3-4, 1-2 ACC) lost its third straight game at Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, a 45-21 loss to Duke.

Next up on Miami’s schedule is a road trip to Virginia (3-4, 1-3), who is coming off a 16-9 win over Georgia Tech last Thursday. 

Virginia is allowing 202 passing yards per game this season, which is fourth best in the ACC. The Cavaliers rank No. 38 overall in the country in pass efficiency defense. UVA is 11th in the country while averaging 3.29 sacks per game. 

Read on for more news and notes from Cristobal’s appearance on Monday morning. 

– Cristobal on the job ahead at Miami: “We left some really, really good jobs that we had built into great jobs to come here and make sure we can build Miami into what it needs to be–and fully knowing that it is a very large task due to some of the inadequacies of past years. We get it. We are all about it. We knew it would come with lumps. We are ok with that. We are all about the work. You need tough minded people to coach it, to put it together, to deal with the lumps, because that is what it takes and that is what it always takes to rebuild places…Day by day we keep going at it and working at it and making sure we take whatever steps are necessary to keep building it the right way because we will be a championship football program. You just have to have the guts and the intestinal fortitude to get after it and not flinch.”

– Cristobal on what the tape showed in regard to effort from the players against Duke: “What I saw was after they had a 20-play drive, it took the wind out of our team, it certainly did. Did our guys play with effort? I think we did. I don’t see guys turning it down. Did guys get blocked? Did we miss some blocks? Did we miss some tackles? Did we have some poor technique? Yeah, that certainly led to us not winning the football game. After watching the film, I see nothing but guys trying to do it.”

– Cristobal on whether the sloppy play against Duke was due to mental mistakes or getting beat physically: “You go to the truth. You go to the tape. Where you are just coughing up the ball. Where you are not hitting the short yardage plays where you are supposed to hit it? Where you are not blocking guy? Where is your talent deficiency? You look at everything and you go right to the reality of it and you go right back to work. You don’t side step it, you go right at it and you pour every ounce you have into the players and help them do everything they can to get better.”

– Cristobal on if there are moves to be made with playing other players, or if this is what they have to work with: “You have to pour every ounce that you have into the players. Guys are trying hard. Some areas of our team are more talented than others. In terms of technique, fundamentals, and the mentality that goes into it, I think more than anything is building the resiliency of our football team. The competitive response when things get tight and things get hot. That is when the competitive response has to be at its best. Everything is a work in progress. We got it, we knew it, and that is why we are attacking it at 100 miles per hour.”

– Cristobal on the early game momentum change Miami experienced: “Let’s call it what it is, we put ourselves in that situation. We are up 7-0 and we couldn’t get half a yard. Instead of going up 14-0, you turn the ball over three times and you are down 14-7. When you create your own issues, you get upset that they show up multiple times, but you stick by the players and pour every ounce into the players because that is what it will take until eventually it turns your way.”

– Cristobal on the turnovers against Duke: “You fumble a screen pass, which is a routine play and inexcusable and then you fumble a kickoff return, which is inexcusable and you are down 14-7. With the pressure that go the quarterback knocked out, one was a really well designed pressure that we are going to have a tough time sliding the fourth guy over there. The other one was an empty one where we didn’t have enough blockers. The ball has to come out. Those two were really, really tough.”

– WR Colbie Young had another 100-yard receiving game against Duke. Cristobal is pleased with the way he is playing: “The guy plays really, really hard. He has all the intangibles you want in a football player. He just wants more and more and more. He is the right kind of guy and we are glad that he is here.” 
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