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  • September 13, 2022

Indiana junior guard Trey Galloway is on the mend following surgery on his groin this offseason. And with the Hoosiers’ season tipping off in a month and a half, they’ll need Galloway as close to full strength as possible.
Injuries and extensive rehab aren’t anything new for the 6-foot-5 sparkplug, though. Last season, Galloway missed 15 games after undergoing surgery for a broken wrist. As a freshman in 2020, he was limited for most of the second-half of the season with a back injury. So this offseason, Galloway isn’t taking any shortcuts as he eases his way back onto the court.

In a lengthy interview on the Hoosier Hysterics Podcast last week, Galloway updated his rehab, how he’s feeling with practice right around the corner, and how he dealt with having to sit out for much of the offseason.
Below is the full excerpt from the Hoosier Hysterics Podcast:
“I’m actually feeling really good,” Galloway said. “These past couple weeks I’ve taken some big-time steps in my improvement. Last month, I was kind of in and out of doing some things, not moving great — I wasn’t expected to. But this month I’ve been moving really well, I’m basically in everything practice-wise, except for live action, which is coming up pretty soon. But everything else, I’m moving well, obviously there’s going to be some tenderness there because of the surgery, but other than that, I feel really good. I like where I’m headed.
“… [The injury] was a huge mental battle for me because obviously I’ve dealt with some adversity throughout my career here. But I just think to myself, it could always be worse and I could always be doing things that other people would love to be doing here at Indiana playing basketball. I just try to put it into perspective to the things I’m doing.
“But like I said, it was a challenge but I’ve found ways to kind of help myself get through it. And that’s just being able to go out there and shoot a little bit each week, and looking forward to each week and doing a little bit more and more each week. And I’m taking my recovery serious; that was a big thing, just taking it serious and doing all the things I needed to do. And obviously our training staff’s been great with (team doctor) Tim Garl, he’s been excellent, and (strength coach) Clif Marshall, both have been really helpful in my recovery and they’ve gotten me this far.
“… It’s really nice [to be pain-free] because obviously after surgery, it took a couple weeks. I was in a lot of pain. I had to deal with kind of learning how to walk again because obviously you’re limping and all that. So just walking normal, I was on a treadmill every day walking. But now that it feels really good, I’m even sprinting now. So now I’m really starting to cut and doing different movements and defensive slides and stuff.
“I mean, everything is feeling good. Obviously there’s gonna be some tenderness in there with the surgery for a little bit, but, I mean, it feels great just being able to go out and move and feel normal again.”
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