Fiji Football match officials enhance skills – FBC News – FBC News

  • October 30, 2022

The Fiji Football Referees Association has set a target to upskill each match official to the FIFA standards of refereeing.
More than thirty referees from around the country have gathered at the Fiji FA Academy in Suva for a four-day FIFA Elite Referees Course.
Referees Director Rakesh Varman says the workshop is focused on developing the knowledge of local referees.

He says local referees are being taught the international standards of how to officiate matches.
“We enhance them with the major changes in the laws so whatever the modification and the clarification is there so we try to tell them and we try to use clips from FIFA there’s a special portfolio where we try to teach all of the referees in the world they follow the FIFA clips.”

Varman says despite public criticism, their main focus is to raise the best and quality referees.
“Different scenarios and different situations arrive into the field of play but we want referees to be well educated, the referees who are making good decisions are very well educated, they have laws they know the laws and interpretation is very clear and they are able to apply quickly so refs who are quick thinkers they know the laws of the game, they, master the clips well they make correct decisions.”
The workshop ended today.