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  • September 29, 2022

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If you were hoping to get some updates on the Week 4 statuses of guys like Dalvin Cook, D’Andre Swift, or Davis Montgomery (among others) before waivers ran last night … well, that’s the problem with waivers running on Tuesday night. 
Tuesday tends to be the slowest day of the week for news, with only the Thursday night teams practicing. We did learn, for instance, that Tua Tagovailoa (back/ankle) might be legitimately questionable for the game against the Bengals, while Jaylen Waddle (groin), Tee Higgins (toe), and Joe Mixon (ankle) seem to be trending toward playing. But as for the rest of the big injuries, we didn’t really hear much. Jameis Winston was not spotted at practice Wednesday in London — and that will also be a situation to monitor with some 
We’ll have updates on everyone in tomorrow’s newsletter with the first batch of practice reports for the rest of the teams playing in Week 4, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for all of the injuries all week. In today’s newsletter, however, we’re taking a look at Heath Cummings’ previews for each position, with a rundown of the injuries to know, his expectations for key matchups, and more. 
Plus, we’ve got another #AskFFT mailbag, focusing on trades, with the help of Dave Richard’s Trade Values Chart. To get your questions included in the newsletter moving forward, send them to [email protected] with “#AskFFT” as the subject line to be included. I’ve got some thoughts on why Nick Chubb makes for a sell-high candidate – and what I mean when I say “sell-high” – plus some of your trade questions to give you an idea of what you should be looking for out there. 
Every Tuesday, Heath Cummings previews each position, providing injury insights, key stats to know, the best waiver-wire adds, DFS targets, and more for quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end. Here’s a brief rundown of each position, along with some key details you need to know about and our expert consensus rankings before you go read Heath’s full breakdowns:
“Through the first three weeks of the Fantasy Football season, Tom Brady has scored 40.5 Fantasy points. That ranks 27th at quarterback, behind Mac Jones, Mitchell Trubisky, and a host of others. It’s also 0.3 points lower than what Lamar Jackson is averaging per game. The reasons are many, and they aren’t certain to get better in Week 3.
The most notable of Brady’s problems, and the one that should get better this week, is his lack of help at wide receiver.”
Consensus Expert Top 12
*My QB Rankings
“Week 3 was a rough one for No. 1 running backs. D’Andre Swift, Dalvin Cook, David Montgomery, and Joe Mixon all suffered some sort of injury. While they aren’t all listed in the waiver section below (due to roster rates), that means you should be looking for Jamaal Williams, Khalil Herbert, Alexander Mattison, and Samaje Perine when you make waiver claims this week.
All four of the replacements could be Fantasy starters if they get the chance. But Williams is the only one we feel relatively confident will get the chance.”
Consensus Expert Top 24
*My RB Rankings
“One of the more difficult things about this time of year is knowing when to bench your early-round picks. No one wants to overreact to three games of football, but at the same time, we’re getting to the point where you really need to get a win, especially if you don’t already have one. One player I’m not ready to sit is Brandin Cooks.”
Consensus Expert Top 24
*My WR Rankings
George Kittle‘s first game back only resulted in 6.8 PPR Fantasy points. After a summer of consternation and two missed games, you may be feeling pretty terrible about your tight end. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be OK.”
Consensus Expert Top 12
*My TE Rankings
When we talk about sell-high candidates, the emphasis should be on the word “high.” I mean, sure, when it comes to someone like Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who is just so obviously outperforming his skill set and role, you don’t have to set your sights too high. But when I say something like “Nick Chubb is a sell-high candidate,” I really do mean “high.”
Because there is, obviously, a ton to like about Chubb. He’s long been one of the most efficient running backs in the NFL, an incredibly consistent and productive early-down grinder who can also hit home runs – he’s like if you shrunk Derrick Henry down using Ant-Man’s Pym Particles, making him even denser and just as explosive. 
And the Browns are giving him Henry-esque work right now, with two games of 20-plus carries in the first three – he had just five games out of 14 with 20-plus carries last season. With Jacoby Brissett at QB and a defense that looks pretty ferocious, Chubb looks like he’s well positioned for a career-best season. 
But he’s also probably playing over his head. I say probably because, well, as Henry has shown the past few seasons, if a team really locks in a back of this talent level to 20-plus touches a week, he can overcome an inefficient distribution of touches. But, it’s still true that Chubb doesn’t catch many passes, and he’s still in an offense that I expect to regress from their current sixth-place ranking in scoring. And, as we saw in Week 1, there’s still that pesky Kareem Hunt guy and his 15-or so touches every week who can vulture touchdowns from Chubb.
That’s not to say Chubb won’t be good. He will be. Very good, even. Hence the emphasis on “sell-high.” You need to get a first-round caliber player back if you’re moving Chubb, or at least multiple early-round types. But it’s worth throwing him on the block just to see what kind of offers you get – maybe someone is panicking about Justin Jefferson’s slowdown since Week 1 and you can swap them straight up. I’d definitely do that. Or, maybe you can get Davante Adams and a buy-low like D.J. Moore for him.
The point is, moving Chubb is going to require that you be bowled over by any potential offer. But this might be the best three-game stretch of his season, so don’t be afraid to make him available.
Now, let’s get to the trade mailbag. Every Wednesday in this space, I’ll be answering your trade questions, giving you Dave Richard’s trade chart’s spin as well as how I would approach the deals. If you want your trade questions answered, send them over to [email protected] with the subject line “#AskFFT” and I’ll make sure they get answered next week:
Nick: In a full-PPR league, what’s a realistic expectation on what I can get for Kamara in a trade? Does the fact he was a top-24 pick carry any weight at this point or has his start torpedoed that? 
Jon: Should I trade away Jalen Hurts to get Trevor Lawrence and James Conner. It’s a 6-point-per-pass-TD league, and my RBs are Saquon Barkley, AJ Dillon, and Tony Pollard.
Malcolm: PPR 12-Team 1QB keeper league (your two keepers are automatically your first two picks in the draft, so no bonus for value picks in a draft): Trade Chris Olave and Austin Ekeler for Josh Allen and Michael Carter
Jack: Full PPR. Trade Joe Mixon and Marquise Brown for D’Andre Swift and Travis Etienne
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