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  • September 12, 2022

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Week One Recap
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We had some pretty significant injuries Sunday, and the biggest one came in the final game. Dak Prescott suffered a thumb injury that will require surgery, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones telling reporters after the team’s already dispiriting loss to the Buccaneers, “It’s a significant injury,” and one that is expected to cost Prescott 6-8 weeks, according to ESPN.
Some injuries require us to guess what the impact is going to be, but in the case of Prescott missing time, we know what that looks like, because the Cowboys offense collapsed without him in 2020. They went from averaging 32.6 points to 21.1 without Prescott, and the passing game especially suffered — they averaged over 300 yards per game with Prescott to just 241.3 without him. The combination of Andy Dalton, Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert just wasn’t good enough to keep things moving, especially with the Cowboys line struggling with injuries as well.
Well … the Cowboys line is also struggling with injuries this season, and they could barely move the ball with Prescott healthy Sunday, so it’s fair to say this is a big deal. I’m not saying this offense definitely can’t be good without Prescott, but I’m skeptical that Cooper Rush — a 28-year-old with one career start under his belt — is going to be good enough to keep things rolling while Prescott is out. The question at this point isn’t, “Is Dallas’ offense going to struggle without Prescott?” The question is, “Can Prescott get back from his injury with enough time to save their season?” 
I don’t think I’m being too dramatic here. Those are the stakes for a team as top-heavy as the Cowboys, and even if they use their cap space to go get a better backup, it’s likely going to be someone new to the system who will have to get up to speed quickly. In the aftermath of this injury, it’s incredibly hard to be excited about Ezekiel Elliott and CeeDee Lamb, who is really going to struggle to live up to that top-20 pick you probably paid to draft him. At least for the next couple of months. 
That’s a tough, tough break for the Cowboys and Fantasy players, and it wasn’t the only injury we’re monitoring come out of Sunday’s games. I wrote about the rest of the injuries in last night’s newsletter, and we’re hoping to get some updates on the likes of Najee Harris and Elijah Mitchell today or tomorrow — before waivers run Tuesday night, at the least. Harris and Mitchell’s potential absences figure to dominate the waiver-wire for Week 2, and I wrote an early look at the likely top targets Sunday as well, with Harris’ running back Jaylen Warren leading the way for me. 
We’ll have more in the coming days on these big injuries and whatever else comes out before Week 2, but before we move on for good, take a look back at Week 1 with my recaps for every game Sunday. I’ve got the biggest winners and losers for each game from a Fantasy perspective, plus some notes you might have missed if you weren’t watching the game. 
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