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  • October 3, 2022

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Week Four Recap
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After a two-game homestand, the Cleveland Browns will be on the road. They will take on the Atlanta Falcons at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Browns are the slight favorite, but fans of both teams should be in for an exciting game likely to go down to the wire.
Cleveland had a touchdown and change to spare in a 29-17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last Thursday. Cleveland’s RB Nick Chubb looked sharp as he rushed for one TD and 113 yards on 23 carries.
Meanwhile, even if it wasn’t a dominant performance, Atlanta beat the Seattle Seahawks 27-23 last week. Atlanta can attribute much of their success to RB Cordarrelle Patterson, who rushed for one TD and 141 yards on 17 carries. Patterson’s performance made up for a slower contest against the Los Angeles Rams two weeks ago.
Their wins bumped Cleveland to 2-1 and the Falcons to 1-2. One last thing to keep an eye on: the Browns gashed the right side of the field in their last contest, rushing toward the right sideline for 110 yards on five yards per rush. That’s bad news for Atlanta, who had a hard time containing the rush on the right side of the field against the Seahawks.
Home wins hit different. #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/Gm1zchh0ix
Didn’t back down ‼️ pic.twitter.com/iJNfrF1Fsu
Back home next week pic.twitter.com/hrt7nNDGcg
“It starts out front, you got to give credit to our OL.” -Marcus Mariota pic.twitter.com/bAn7a8nzto
LIVE: Falcons post win Press Conferences https://t.co/gCKF93sj8v
“When you can run the ball when they know you’re going to run it, that speaks volumes about your guys.” -Arthur Smith pic.twitter.com/xoLRSmH3Dp
LIVE: Falcons post win Press Conferences https://t.co/gCKF93sj8v
“We’re a team, and we will find different ways. We believe in these guys and we got to keep improving.” -Arthur Smith pic.twitter.com/FRxa6poJq3
Arthur Smith said they knew coming in this was going to be “a big boy fight” and he always felt that the team that ran the ball the best today was going to win.

Well, that held true. Falcons outran the Browns 202 to 177.
Took the 🏈, then hit them with that Dirty Bird.#BudLightCelly pic.twitter.com/7BdECeHmD0
.@AlfordGlo4 knew exactly what he was doing. https://t.co/0XxzfXAHvN pic.twitter.com/ZITqtz0yID
LIVE: Falcons post win Press Conferences https://t.co/gCKF93sj8v
LIVE at the podium | #CLEvsATL https://t.co/F7cViqiUOT
WE ARE LIVE!! Join @AndrewSpayde

for full postgame coverage of BROWNS vs FALCONS

YOUTUBE: https://t.co/R7GeyKFmLi
TWITCH: https://t.co/ymKYI9FT36 pic.twitter.com/OB8oLUfleJ
Hey @rihanna, how’d we do? pic.twitter.com/vo1OcOUqsK
Pressure seals the deal.

📺: CBS || NFL+ #CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/fg0KWsGoHv
A win in front of our #DirtyBirds
Dee Alford called game 🚫

📺: CBS || NFL+ #CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/N0Q5ouryIX
Final from Atlanta. Back home next week. pic.twitter.com/7pVBu6qPew
Flipped the script.#CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/SNJwttNPAp
GRADY JARRETT !!!!!!!!!!!!
35-yard FG is GOOD‼️ #CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/LPBHJ1GC34
At what point is enough actually enough with Joe Woods and the blown coverage? #Browns
That is how you move down the field!

📺: CBS || NFL+ #CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/d1Z6Hz24Bz
Annnnnnd there’s the coverage breakdown we’ve all missed.
Ronnie WTF are you doing??
Do your dance 42 🕺#CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/yHN9oiltzb
All tied up thanks to KOO.#CLEvsATL || #DirtyBirds pic.twitter.com/wqtxLrSb3n

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