Ex-Fifa official: Rangers told to intervene after official Glen Kamara investigation update – Football Insider

  • October 10, 2022

By Keith Hackett
Rangers should intervene and encourage Glen Kamara to make an official complaint to Uefa after he alleged he was a victim of racial abuse while representing Finland.
That is the view of former Fifa and Premier League referee Keith Hackett, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about Kamara’s situation.
The 26-year-old alleged that an unnamed Montenegro player targeted him with racial abuse during a Nations League match last month (26 September).
As relayed by Sky Sports (28 September), the Finnish FA released a statement confirming no formal complaint had been lodged as Kamara did not want to take the matter any further.
The midfielder was a victim of racial abuse from Ondrej Kudela during Rangers’ Europa League game with Slavia Prague last year (18 March 2021) and he told Sky earlier this year (28 March) he still receives abuse on social media as a result of the incident.
“I think that players who state they have been abused must follow through and the matter should be raised,” Hackett told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.
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“I would have liked someone in his own club to have had a conversation with him in order to say ‘Right OK, you’ve made this comment, therefore I think it should be investigated’.
“But if it’s not gone through the appropriate channels, then Uefa cannot do anything.
“I don’t think players who think ‘Nothing happens’, should give up on it. Football has a responsibility to deal with these issues and to be supportive of its employees.
“We don’t want racial abuse and we don’t want a player saying ‘I was racially abused but I’m not going to take it any further’ because he doesn’t have confidence in the system. That’s what I think that player is saying.
“He should be encouraged to take it further. I understand the difficulty he’s had in previous situations, it’s not easy.
“This is where his club who are his employers, the PFA, if he’s a member of the PFA, should all take these matters on board and deal with them.”
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