Beamer Provides Injury Update After Arkansas – Sports Illustrated

  • September 11, 2022

After suffering a 44-30 loss at the hands of Arkansas, the Gamecocks walk out of this game both figuratively and literally limping, as multiple starters on the defensive side of the ball left the game at some point. Cam Smith, Jordan Strachan, and Mohamed Kaba all left the contest, and each play key roles for South Carolina’s defense.
When asked about the status of those three players in particular, Coach Beamer admitted that bad news could be coming regarding Strachan and Kaba while Cam Smith seems like he’s in a much better spot comparatively: 
“Jordan and Mo [Kaba]… it doesn’t look good going forward, so we’ll say our prayers tonight, and hopefully we’ll get some good news, but right now it doesn’t look good. Cam should be fine, had an upper body injury that I hope would not be long-term at all."
The loss of Jordan Strachan and Mohamed Kaba would be significant for the Gamecocks, as Strachan plays a pass rush specialist role in the outside linebacker spot of Clayton White’s defense and had some good moments to start the season while Kaba had had a great offseason and fall camp leading into his first season as the starting mike linebacker.
Even though the news sounds more promising regarding Cam Smith’s status going forward, it seems like the door might be open for Smith to potentially miss the Gamecocks next game against the defending national champions in Georgia. With Smith being projected by many outlets to be a first round pick in the NFL Draft next April, the already thin secondary would undoubtedly have to make adjustments to the lineup in order to soften the blow that would be dealt losing Smith for an extended period of time.
We will keep you updated right here on GamecocksDigest with anything else we hear regarding these injuries. 
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