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  • September 11, 2022

No. 1 Alabama got everything it could handle and more in an unranked Texas team hell-bent on beating the top-ranked Crimson Tide.
Nick Saban and Co. escaped Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium with a 20-19 victory when Will Reichard kicked a 33-yard field goal with 10 seconds left. Alabama extremely sloppy for stretches, committing 15 penalties, the most since Saban took over the program in 2007.
Texas also did a great job of limiting defending Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young, who completed 27 of 39 passes for only 213 yards and a touchdown. He also added 38 yards on seven carries, though he did lead two clutch scoring drives in the fourth quarter.
In all, the Crimson Tide out-gained Texas 374-371.
Of course, the biggest storyline from the game might not be the outcome, but the injury to Texas starting quarterback Quinn Ewers. The former No. 1 overall recruit was driven into the turf by Alabama’s Dallas Turner near the end of the first quarter and missed the rest of the game. At the time he left the game, he had completed 9 of 12 passes for 134 yards.
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Backup Hudson Card was admirable coming in to replace Ewers, especially considering he was favoring his right ankle for a good portion of the game. He completed 14 of 22 passes for 158 yards, adding 8 rushing yards (which take into account a few big-time sacks).
Texas has yet to provide an update on Ewers and what his prognosis is for the rest of the season. The Sporting News tracked updates and highlights throughout the game.
Follow below for complete coverage:
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All times Eastern
3:40 p.m.: Card side-steps the pass rush and throws a ball downfield that bounces off the turf. Game over.
3:36 p.m.: No squib by Alabama, but neither does Texas let it go into the end zone. The Longhorns get a nominal return and waste five seconds. Time enough for one play from the 24-yard line.
3:34 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, ALABAMA. The timeout does not affect Reichard, who sends it through. That gives Alabama a 20-19 lead with 10 seconds remaining.

cc: @AlabamaFTBL
3:33 p.m.: Reichard will try again from 32 yards out to give Alabama the lead with 15 seconds remaining.
3:33 p.m.: Timeout, Texas (0:15).
3:32 p.m.: Facing third-and-10 from the Texas 17, Young throws a quick-hitter to Brooks for a 2-yard gain.
3:30 p.m.: Young sidesteps the corner blitz and scrambles for a 20-yard gain up the right sideline. Huge play by the Bama quarterback.

cc: @AlabamaFTBL
3:29 p.m.: Timeout, Texas (0:35).
3:29 p.m.: Young to Latu for 5 yards and a first down at the Texas 37.
3:28 p.m.: Young finds Gibbs out of the backfield up the seam for a 20-yard gain. Alabama already in Texas territory, at the 47.
3:28 p.m.: Young to Burton for 8 yards. The receiver goes out of bounds at the 33.
3:27 p.m.: Young and Co. have the ball at their 25 with 1:29 left in the game and a timeout with which to work. Here we go.
3:25 p.m.: Field goal, Texas. Auburn does not shrink from the moment, sneaking the ball inside the uprights for a 49-yard field goal to give Texas the 19-17 lead with 1:29 in the game.
3:24 p.m.: Timeout, Alabama (1:34).
3:24 p.m.: Interesting play by Sarkisian, who attempts a play-action pass on third-and-3. Anderson pauses for a moment then sacks Card for a 7-yard loss.
Will Anderson with the MASSIVE sack 😤

cc: @AlabamaFTBL
3:21 p.m.: Timeout, Alabama (1:38).
3:21 p.m.: Texas faces third-and-3 from the Bama 23.
3:19 p.m.: Card has all day and finds Casey Cain wide open for a gain of 32 yards to the Alabama 31.
3:18 p.m.: Card finds Johnson for a 12-yard gain out of the backfield to the 37.
3:18 p.m.: Robinson gets a yard on the first-down carry.
3:17 p.m.: And there isn’t. Texas will take over at its own 25.
3:17 p.m.: Taking the call to official review. Not sure there’s enough to overturn it.
3:15 p.m.: Turnover on downs, Alabama. The Longhorns held tough and now have the ball with 3:55 remaining in the game and only one point separating them and the No. 1 team in the country.

THE @TexasFootball defense does it again!
3:15 p.m.: This is going to be reviewed to see whether Williams reached the line to gain. No word yet.
3:13 p.m.: Officials reverse the call on the field, saying Gibbs was down a half-yard short. The Alabama offense remains on the field.
3:12 p.m.: Officials reviewing whether Gibbs actually reached the line to gain.
3:10 p.m.: On third-and-1, Gibbs gets a tough yard by falling forward. Big for the Crimson Tide which wants to eat as much clock on a scoring drive as possible. Only 4:13 remaining in the game in a one-possession game.
3:09 p.m.: Third straight pitch-and-catch between Young and Holden, this time for 8 yards.
3:07 p.m.: Young stays in the pocket and takes a big hit but he again finds Holden for a gain of 21 yards deep into Texas territory, at the 45.
3:06 p.m.: Young with an 11-yard comeback route to Holden. First down at the 34.
3:04 p.m.: Trejo with another booming, 48-yard punt. McKinstry tries to stretch the field but manages only a 3-yard return to the Alabama 23.
3:02 p.m.: Card had Worthy open up the sideline but he can’t hit him because his back foot — his right ankle — is hurt. He can’t get any power off it. Three-and-out by Texas.
2:59 p.m.: Young completed 6 of 8 passes for 51 yards on that drive, not including his 17-yard scramble.
2:56 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, ALABAMA. In what could genuinely be described as a must-score drive, Young delivers. He rolls left and side-arms it to Gibbs in the end zone for a 7-yard touchdown. That makes it 17-10 Alabama with 8:29 to play.

What a play to give @AlabamaFTBL the lead! 🐘🔥
2:55 p.m.: Alabama goes for it on fourth-and-3 at the Texas 37 and hits Jacorey Brooks for another first down. This one at the Texas 23-yard line.
2:54 p.m.: Another first down for Alabama following a 4-yard run by Roydell Williams on third-and-3. First down at the Texas 44.
2:52 p.m.: Young does it himself, scrambling 17 yards for the first down on third-and-7. Bama driving at its own 45.
2:50 p.m.: Alabama back at it again. It’s had six straight punts, including five three-and-outs.
2:47 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, TEXAS. Bert again hits it, this time from 23 yards. That makes it 16-10 Texas with 12:55 left in the game. Still a one-possession game.
ANOTHER ONE! 🙌 @TexasFootball
2:46 p.m.: Alabama’s defense again hangs tough to bring up fourth-and-4 from the 6.
2:45 p.m.: Officials miss another facemask call on Alabama, this one from Jordan Battle. Brings up second-and-5 from the 7-yard line.
2:41 p.m.: Make that a 15th penalty by Alabama. Hellams is called for a facemask on Worthy, giving Texas first-and-goal from the Alabama 12.
2:40 p.m.: That’s a record-14th penalty by Alabama in the Nick Saban era. The offsides penalty makes it first-and-5 at the 32.
2:39 p.m.: Bijan Robinson gets a tough 2 yards on third-and-2 to give Texas a first down.
2:36 p.m.: Texas gets the ball back and is driving past midfield. Heroic play by Card, who is clearly hurt on the field but still managed to side-step a pass rush and run 20 yards to the Bama 47.
WHAT A RUN @Hcard7 !
2:35 p.m.: Another three-and-out by Alabama, which included a first-down run by Young on third down that was negated by a blindside block by Traeshon Holden.
2:26 p.m.: FIELD GOAL TEXAS. Texas takes the lead 13-10 with a 33-yard field goal by Bert Auburn. That caps a six-play, 24-yard drive. Longhorns lead for the first time.
2:14 p.m.: After review, officials determine there is no targeting, which prompted the roughing penalty. Since Young was not down when he threw the ball, the ruling was an incompletion. Alabama punts it away.
2:12 p.m.: Interesting turn of events. T’Vondre Sweat sacked Young for a safety, but a roughing the passing penalty on Overshown will give Alabama a 15-yard penalty. Incredible.
2:12 p.m.: Someone threw a bottle onto the field.
2:11 p.m.: Young has all day in the pocket but he overthrows Burton downfield. Telecast said Texas got away with a hold.
2:07 p.m.: And there’s Trejo with another huge, 50-yard punt to down Alabama at its 1-yard line. He’s single-handedly giving Texas an edge in the battle of field position.
The current starting field position for Bama 😳
2:06 p.m.: Whittington drops the ball on the slant route after a nice hit. That will bring up fourth down.
2:05 p.m.: And now Card is limping a little. Something to watch.
2:01 p.m.: And now a three-and-out for Alabama. Young had Kobe Prentice up the seam but it was overthrown. Texas will start its second series with great field position following the punt.
2:01 p.m.: Texas with an exotic blitz package sends two guys off the left, and only one Alabama player to defend it. Young flips the ball to Gibbs but he’s hit for a loss of 7.
The Horns defense is getting after the Heisman winner 💪#FOXFieldPass
1:59 p.m.: Daniel Trejo with a 61-yard punt gives Alabama the ball back at its 21-yard line.
1:58 p.m.: Texas goes three-and-out; good move by Card to avoid the pass-rush, but his 6-yard scramble not enough on third-and-14.
11:56 p.m.: Roschon Johnson bobbles the kick return but gathers it in and gets it to the 15.
1:55 p.m.: Third quarter incoming. Texas set to receive.
1:40 p.m.: Halftime stats:
1:35 p.m.: Steve Sarkisian said on the halftime telecast that he doesn’t know whether Ewers will come back to play in this game.
1:35 p.m.: Oh, my. Texas’ chip-shot field goal is way off to the left. Good snap, but Card couldn’t handle it and only got the ball turned quarter of the way. Auburn’s looked like it was heading left anyway, but it may also have been tipped.

Alabama gets a hand on Bert Auburn’s field goal attempt and this game stays tied at the half
1:34 p.m.: Card finds Worthy but he can’t keep it in bounds. Three seconds remain in the half and now it’s decision time.
1:33 p.m.: Another pass interference on McKinstry in the end zone gives Texas first-and-goal at the 2 with eight seconds.
1:32 p.m.: McKinstry is called for pass interference on Casey Cain, giving Texas first down at the 15-yard line with 12 seconds remaining.
1:31 p.m.: Card finds Robinson for a 43-yard gain to the Alabama 20-yard line. Nice play call to get him on Turner in coverage.
1:30 p.m.: Robinson gets a nice 18-yard gain up the right side to the Texas 43, and now the Longhorns, who have two timeouts, may consider going for a go-ahead field goal.
1:29 p.m.: Texas gets a first down an offside penalty by Anderson, but keeps the clock running.
1:26 p.m.: Again Young’s pass falls incomplete. He found some free space and threw a rope on the run to Isaiah Bond, who simply dropped it. Texas takes over at its 12-yard line following the Bama punt.
1:24 p.m.: McKinstry calls for a fair catch, again collecting the ball at the Bama 45.
1:23 p.m.: McKinstry sneaks in on the corner rush and nearly sacks Card. Grounding penalty incoming because Card, who was outside of the tackle box, did not get the ball past the line of scrimmage on the throw-away.
1:22 p.m.: Card’s second pass is nearly intercepted by Terrion Arnold, whom Texas fans are convinced was committing pass interference.
1:22 p.m.: Card hits Worthy for a gain of 15 to the 30-yard line.
1:18 p.m.: Young’s pass to Prentice falls incomplete. The freshman was supposed to sit in the zone but he kept going. Following the Bama punt on fourth-and-3, Texas will again take over at its 15.
1:14 p.m.: McKinstry gathers it at the Alabama 45 before falling down. Great starting field position for Alabama.
1:13 p.m.: False start by Texas, making it fourth-and-18. Texas to punt from its 18.
1:12 p.m.: Curious play call by Texas, which goes for quick strike on third-and-14 instead of attempting the conversion. Texas will punt on fourth-and-13.
1:09 p.m.: Card with the nifty footwork to avoid some sacks in the backfield and scramble for a first down to the Texas 26.
1:09 p.m.: Card is still in at quarterback.
1:08 p.m.: Alabama has a 49-yard punt, and the Texas punt return man is hit immediately by Jackson. Texas taking over at its 15.
1:07 p.m.: There’s another penalty, Alabama’s eighth of the game. Crimson Tide now punting from their 34-yard line.
1:07 p.m.: Jaylan Ford dices in from his linebacker position for an 11-yard sack on Young. Fourth down upcoming.

The @TexasFootball defense is causing PROBLEMS 🔒🤘
1:05 p.m.: Young finds tight end Cameron Latu all alone for a 14-yard gain to the 49-yard line.
1:02 p.m.: Timeout, Alabama (12:27).
12:59 p.m.: Young again finds Gibbs out of the backfield to convert on third down. The running back has been a versatile tool for the defending Heisman Trophy winner.
12:58 p.m.: Young nearly intercepted after D’Shawn Jamison jumped the route. Brings up third-and-6.
12:56 p.m.: Alabama running back Jase McClellan is shaken up after a short gain on the first play from scrimmage after the touchdown. Injury timeout.
12:52 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN TEXAS. Card stays in to start the second quarter. Hands to Robinson for a one-yard touchdown. 10-10 with 14:55 left in the half as Ewers goes back to the locker room.
A STROLL IN THE ENDZONE @Bijan5Robinson 😎@TexasFootball ties it up once more!
12:50 p.m.: Bijan Robinson stopped at the one-yard line as the quarter ends.
12:45 p.m.: Dallas Turner gets pressure on Ewers, and the starter is down. Turner drove Ewers down into his shoulder. Turner flagged for a penalty. Hudson Card goes in for an injured Ewers.
12:12:44 p.m.: Timeout, Texas (0:37).
12:43 p.m.: Ewers with his first big gain of the day, a 43-yard bomb to Worthy. Jackson again in coverage with a facemask penalty as well. That’s going to set Texas up with first-and-goal at the 1.
12:42 p.m.: Demarcco Hellams, who was in on the tackle on Whittington, is shaken up. He’s able to stand up on his own power.
12:41 p.m.: Ewers stands in the pocket with Anderson and Henry To’o To’o in his face and hits Whittington again for a 16-yard gain. Texans at the Alabama 49.
12:41 p.m.: Ewers hits Whittington on the RPO slant for 8 yards and a first down at the 35.
12:39 p.m.: Texas’ turn again. The Longhorns had a lot of success moving the ball in their last drive.
12:37 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, ALABAMA. Following the Texas field goal, Alabama takes over at its 19-yard line. Jase McClellan — a former Oklahoma commit — follows his blocks to the right and bust an 81-yard touchdown. Alabama leads 10-3 with 2:34 in the first quarter.
Jase McClellan said SEE YA 🔥

He breaks away for an 81-yard @AlabamaFTBL TD
12:31 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, TEXAS. Bert Auburn’s 26-yard field goal is good, knotting it up at 3-3 with 3:01 left in the first quarter.
12:30 p.m.: Ewers goes for Worthy in the end zone, with Kool-Aid McKinstry in coverage. Texas fans are upset officials did not call pass interference on the Bama DB, who had his back to the ball. Either way, fourth down upcoming.
There was a lot of contact on that 3rd down play by Texas 👀
12:27 p.m.: Timeout, Alabama (3:01).
12:25 p.m.: Ewers rolls right and hits Jordan Whittington with a quick-hitter to convert on third-and-2. Texas driving at the 23.
12:24 p.m.: Ewers had Worthy all alone in the end zone, but the receiver doesn’t have control of it before he slides out of bounds. That was a touchdown all day.
12:23 p.m.: Will Anderson Jr. is hit for his second offside penalty, the latest of which helps Texas convert on third down. First down at the Bama 35.
12:21 p.m.: Ewers hits Xavier Worthy with an 18-yard corner route with Khyree Jackson in coverage. Longhorns driving at the Alabama 47.
A beautiful ball from Quinn Ewers to Xavier Worthy.
12:20 p.m.: A 24-yard gain by Texas is negated by an illegal blindside block by Hayden Conner. That will bring the ball back to the Texas 30-yard line, bringing up first-and-17.
12:18 p.m.: Now it’s Quinn Ewers and Bijan Robinson’s turns.
12:14 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, ALABAMA. Will Reichard boots it through from 52 yards, tying a career-long field goal, to give Alabama a 3-0 lead with 8:47 left in the first quarter.
5️⃣2️⃣ YDS 🙌 @WillReichard

12:14 p.m.: Texas finally gets to Young on third-and-7 with a coverage sack by Ovie Oghoufo. That’s a loss of 4 yards, bringing up fourth-and-11.
12:11 p.m.: Young finds the freshman Kobe Prentice in the zone for a 13-yard gain on third-and-6. Crimson Tide still driving with a fresh set of downs at the Longhorns 33.
12:10 p.m.: Make that four straight plays. Bryce Young has all day but checks down to the running back for an easy 23-yard gain out to midfield.
Fast feet from @Jahmyr_Gibbs1 with the pass from @_bryce_young 🤝
12:09 p.m.: Three straight plays to Jahmyr Gibbs, who gets two 6-yard runs and a swing pass. Tide driving at the 27.
12:06 p.m.: Holding penalty on the kickoff return moves Bama back. The Crimson Tide will take over at their 9-yard line.
12:05 p.m.: Alabama wins the kick and elects to receive.
Alabama-Texas will be broadcast on Fox. Gus Johnson, Joel Klatt and Jenny Taft will call and report the game. Cord-cutters can view the game with fuboTV, which offers a free trial.
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The meeting between Alabama and Texas is scheduled to kick off at noon ET, Fox’s “Big Noon Saturday” time slot.
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Alabama heads into DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium as a 20-point favorite, with an over/under of 64.5 points, per Caesars Sportsbook.
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