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  • September 8, 2022

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Which Alabama football players will start where against Texas will not be known until they take the field Saturday morning. That is the world of Alabama Crimson Tide depth charts as explained by Saban Saturday night – as in, he may never publish another one.
Not knowing all the starters in advance frustrates Crimson Tide fans. Some other head coaches update a public depth chart during the season. Tennessee’s Josh Heupel distributed a new one on Monday. Nick Saban has always been clear that starting roles must be re-earned every week of the season. So the new murkiness is not that much different than the past.
Fans and members of the media will adjust. In Saban’s next session with reporters, no depth chart or starter questions are expected.
For conversational purposes, a predicted Week Two Alabama football depth chart is included at the bottom of this post.
The Alabama coaching staff named nine players of the week from the Utah State game. On offense, they are Bryce Young, Traeshon Holden and Darrian Dalcourt. Defensive players are Chris Braswell, Henry To’o To’o and Dallas Turner. Special teams players chosen are Will Reichard, Demouey Kennedy and Khyree Jackson.
Crimson Tide center, Darrian Dalcourt was also named SEC Co-Offensive Lineman of the Week. Dalcourt shares the honor with LaQuinston Sharp of Mississippi State.
Some Crimson Tide fans were surprised about the modest stats Will Anderson Jr. recorded Saturday. Anderson only played 20 snaps, while Chris Braswell played 45 snaps. The snap count for Anderson will return to normal against Texas. In addition, the Tide’s three-headed, quarterback stuffing monster is expected to see lots of action. That monster is Anderson, Dallas Turner and Braswell on the field together.
Mainly because of those three guys, the Crimson Tide base defense this season may be the nickel rabbits package. Next in frequency of use could be the dime rabbits package.
The early week weather forecast from Austin is Saturday will hit a high of 95, with a cloudless sky.
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