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  • September 23, 2022

Sep 22, 2022

The First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania will host a “Walk in Penn’s Woods” at Rider Park on Sunday, October 2, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
A “Walk in Penn’s Woods,” a statewide coordinated event, encourages people across Pennsylvania to learn how their local woods work, see forests in new ways, and appreciate and love the forests so that we can all care well for them.
Rider Park Manager, Sara Street, invites you to stretch your legs and explore Rider Park with an early fall hike. Walk 3.5 miles on Cheryl’s Trail while learning about how the forests enhance our well-being. Bring your sturdy hiking boots, water, and a sense of adventure.
Due to limited parking at Rider Park, participants are asked to pre-register for this event by calling the Community Foundation at 570-321-1500 or emailing, [email protected] The event will be hosted rain or shine. Check @FCFPGives on Facebook for event updates. Directions to the Park can be downloaded at www.RiderPark.org.
Rider Park is one of Pennsylvania’s great scenic and recreational treasures, featuring 867 acres of private land available to the public 365 days a year, from dawn to dusk, for hiking, trail running, mountain bike riding, cross country skiing and other low-impact recreational activities. The Park, located in Warrensville, offers over 10 miles of major and secondary trails leading to three breathtaking vistas. Rider Park is owned and operated by the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania. Learn more about Rider Park at www.riderpark.org
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