Patriotes return as NDA Jr football kicks off –

  • September 23, 2022

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The West Ferris junior Trojan football team won the opening game of the 2022 season by narrowly defeating Les Patriotes from Franco Cite 10-8. 
The Franco Cite Patriotes made a wonderful re-entry into the NDA football league and were very stout on defence. Nick Corbeil of the West Ferris Trojans kicked 27 yard field goal to open the scoring. Samuel Leblanc scored a major for the Patriotes and added a two point conversion.
The Patriotes led 8-6 until the fourth quarter when Nick Corbeil added more points for the Trojans hauling in a deep pass and running the ball into the end zone. Corbeil added the single point kick.
The Trojans survived many passing attempts by the Patriotes offense and hung on for the opening day win. 
In other NDA Jr Football action, the Algonquin Barons edged the St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Bears 12-8 at Cundari Field. 
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