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  • September 23, 2022

Sep 23, 2022
Crime and violence reduction for police and land conservation were two of the subjects that a city economic development consultant shared recently with city officials as potentially fundable through grant opportunities.
The city can request up to $5 million with no match required for a law enforcement grant through Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency that is due Oct. 13, said Teresa Sparacino, of Delta Development Group.
The money, which may be all or not as much, can be used by the Williamsport
Bureau of Police on equipment and other ways to reduce violence and crime on city streets and in neighborhoods.
It can cover infrastructure needs, personnel needs and records-management systems. The goal is to reduce violence and keep streets safe. Should that application be made, the potential award date is Dec. 14, she said.
Meanwhile, a grant of $785,000 due to the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for land conservation and watershed protection projects that reduce pollution and would equal four Best Management Practices projects is due Oct. 27, she said.
State Senator Gene Yaw, R-Loyalsock Township, announced a $50,000 investment through the Commonwealth Finance Authority’s Greenways, Trails and Recreation program for the Riverwalk access to Old City. Yaw is the project’s advocate.
Moreover, a $648,000 CFA Local Share account grant for Shaw Place Park improvement is expected in October or November, she said. That holds no match requirement.
The city was successful obtaining a $326,796 Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Green Light Go grant. That grant required a $81,669 match and will go toward traffic signals on East Fourth and Mulberry streets, Sparacino said.
Additionally, the city was successful obtaining a state DCNR grant of $70,000 for its Comprehensive Recreation, Outdoor and Green Infrastructure Plan. This includes better connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists from the city park structures to various neighborhoods.
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