SEC football Week 4 predictions: Our experts pick the winner of every game – Tennessean

  • September 22, 2022

 SEC football play heats up in Week 4. Missouri at Auburn, Florida at Tennessee and Arkansas vs. Texas A&M could all have major ramifications, with Alabama hosting Vanderbilt to round out the slate of league games. Out-of-conference action is less appetizing, but upsets can always happen.  
USA TODAY Sports Network experts who cover the league are picking the winner of every game. Here are their records, followed by how they see this week’s action playing out:
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Emily Adams, Greenville News: 11-1 last week, 32-6 overall
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: 10-2 last week, 33-5 overall
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: 10-2 last week, 32-6 overall 
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: 12-0 last week, 34-4 overall
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: 10-2 last week, 33-5 overall
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: 9-3 last week, 30-8 overall
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: 11-1 last week, 33-5 overall
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: 11-1 last week, 35-3 overall
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: 11-1 last week, 33-5 overall 
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: 11-1 last week, 33-5 overall
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: 10-2 last week, 33-5 overall
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: 10-2 last week, 33-5 overall
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: 11-1 last week, 34-4 overall
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Georgia
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Georgia
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Georgia
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Georgia
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Georgia
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Georgia
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Georgia
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Georgia
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Georgia
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Georgia
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Georgia
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Georgia
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Georgia
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Auburn
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Auburn
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Auburn
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Auburn
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Auburn
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Auburn
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Auburn
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Auburn
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Auburn
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Auburn
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Auburn
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Auburn
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Auburn
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Mississippi State
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Mississippi State
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Mississippi State
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Mississippi State
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Mississippi State
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Mississippi State
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Mississippi State
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Mississippi State
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Mississippi State
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Mississippi State
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Mississippi State
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Mississippi State
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Mississippi State
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Tennessee
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Tennessee
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Tennessee
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Tennessee
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Tennessee
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Tennessee
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Tennessee
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Tennessee
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Tennessee
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Tennessee
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Florida
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Tennessee
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Tennessee
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Ole Miss
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Ole Miss
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Ole Miss
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Ole Miss
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Ole Miss
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Ole Miss
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Ole Miss
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Ole Miss
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Ole Miss
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Ole Miss
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Ole Miss
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Ole Miss
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Ole Miss
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Kentucky
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Kentucky
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Kentucky
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Kentucky
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Kentucky
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Kentucky
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Kentucky
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Kentucky
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Kentucky
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Kentucky
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Kentucky
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Kentucky
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Kentucky
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Arkansas
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Texas A&M
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Arkansas
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Texas A&M
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Arkansas
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Arkansas
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Arkansas
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Arkansas
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Arkansas
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Arkansas
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Arkansas
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Arkansas
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Arkansas
Emily Adams, Greenville News: Alabama
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: Alabama
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: Alabama
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: Alabama
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: Alabama
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: Alabama
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: Alabama
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: Alabama
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: Alabama
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: Alabama
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: Alabama
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: Alabama
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: Alabama
Emily Adams, Greenville News: LSU
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: LSU
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: LSU
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: LSU
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: LSU
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: LSU
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: LSU
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: LSU
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: LSU
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: LSU
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: LSU
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: LSU
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: LSU
Emily Adams, Greenville News: South Carolina
Kevin Brockway, Gainesville Sun: South Carolina
Brett Dawson, Courier-Journal: South Carolina
Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser: South Carolina
Aria Gerson, Tennessean: South Carolina
Nick Kelly, Tuscaloosa News: South Carolina
Stefan Krajisnik, Clarion Ledger: South Carolina
Christina Long, Southwest Times Record: South Carolina
Koki Riley, Daily Advertiser: South Carolina
Adam Sparks, Knoxville News Sentinel: South Carolina
Matt Stahl, Columbia Daily Tribune: South Carolina
Nick Suss, Clarion Ledger: South Carolina
Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald: South Carolina


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