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  • September 20, 2022

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The Nintendo Switch Sports game has always been a warm spot in the hearts of the community. Especially the much-awaited golf mode, which was supposed to be added to the game with a big update very soon. But during the Nintendo Direct, fans were heartbroken as it was announced that their favorite golf mode update will be delayed.
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According to the announcement in the latest Nintendo Direct. The Golf Mode was supposed to be added to the Nintendo Switch Sports in autumn 2022. However, it will be delayed till the “Holiday 2022”. This announcement stirred the fans as they were looking forward to getting their hands on the golf minigame as soon as they could.
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The Golf update to the Nintendo Switch Sports game was supposed to add the Golf Mode. This mode would allow the players to play golf sport on their switches. It was very reminiscent of the Golf game in Wii sports, which had become a fan favorite for the console.
Widely-Hyped Title Snubbed by Nintendo in Its September Direct Was Reportedly Ready in 2021!
3 days ago
This mode had 21 holes drawn, just like its predecessor in Wii Sports. Also featuring new online game modes like “Survival Golf” where eight players could go head-to-head against each other. Some can say that “survival Golf” will be like a mini battle royal mode for Golf.
The rules of “Survival Golf” is simple. After each hole, the player with the most strokes will be eliminated. So to survive such a competitive mode, the players need to bring their best to claim the epic victory. Golf had never been this thrilling!
Fans were really disappointed after the announcement. They were hoping to hop onto this amazing new feature with their friends and family. But unfortunately, they have to wait a little more for that sweet golf content.
The community didn’t waste any time in being vocal about their thoughts about this delay and Nintendo’s lack of consistency. Many tweeted from their personal account to show their distaste for the whole matter.
"Sir, they delayed the golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports"
— crazy ass moments in sneed's feed and seed history (@_slamongflobo_) September 13, 2022

The launch of Nintendo Switch Sports was very disheartening to the fans as the game felt very light on content on its initial release. Also, this delay on the promised Golf mode has really made the fans angry and question Nintendo’s sense of responsibility towards their original titles.
Switch Sports golf fans distraught rn
— LonelyGoomba (@LonelyGoomba) September 13, 2022

Nintendo switch sports owners when they learn they’ll have to wait a few more months to play golf
— Viv 🏳️‍⚧️ 🎃 (@CatgirlAerithZx) September 13, 2022

the most shocking thing about this direct was finding out that Nintendo Switch Sports not only doesn't have golf but it's not getting it til 2023? did that game actually release or what
— Big Yellow (@VerySpicyJoe) September 13, 2022
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I really wish Nintendo would stop drip-feeding post launch updates. Yeah, maybe it works for some games like Splatoon, and they're free, but like look at Nintendo Switch Sports for example. They had to delay *Golf*? The most boring sport on the planet? They had to DELAY that???
— Chris is Near (@NearChris95) September 13, 2022

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What do you think about Nintendo’s decision of delaying the update? Let us know in the comments below!
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