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  • September 19, 2022

Iowa and Nevada has gone into a second lightning delay. After only four-minutes-and-thirty seconds of game time, lightning has been detected in the area and the game will be at least another 30 minutes away from resuming. The latest lightning strike hit around 11:00 p.m. Players will be back on the field at 11:45 p.m to warm up and play will resume at midnight. 
The first delay, which was an hour and 21 minutes, resulted in fans quickly looking for shelter. Players received a 12-minute warmup period before resuming midway through the third quarter. 
Fans evacuate Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City as a bolt of lightning flashes overhead after the Iowa vs. Nevada game was suspended due to weather. @hawkcentral @DMRegister #iawx

The Hawkeye offense hasn’t been stellar throughout the first two games, but there has been a couple bright spots on Saturday night. True freshman Kaleb Johnson ripped off an impressive 40-yard touchdown run. The big-bodied freshman out of Ohio broke multiple tackles before diving into the end-zone for his first career score.
A lot of criticism this season has been thrown on Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras, but the third-year starter has been putting the ball consistently in spots for his receivers to make plays. This is also the first game where Iowa has more than two scholarship receivers available. Sophomore Keagan Johnson has returned to the mix along with senior Nico Ragaini. 
Johnson, who has been out for all of spring and most of summer/fall workouts, is Iowa’s best deep-threat. Earlier this off-season, 247Sports praised Johnson for his ability and called him one of the ‘unicorns of college football.’
“College football offenses love gadget players. Johnson fits that mold perfectly. He is one of the fastest players in the country, regardless of position, and had three catches of 40-plus yards last season as a freshman — the same as all of Iowa’s other receivers combined. Averaging 19.6 yards per catch, he is a big play waiting to happen. The Hawkeyes would do well moving him all over the field and, given his ability after the catch, they could drum up some packages utilizing him in the backfield.”
“We’ve made it three straight days out. Keagan [Johnson] is out there, Nico [Ragaini] is back out there, and for Brody [Brecht], it’s week three for him,” Iowa head coach Kirk Feretnz said during his radio show on Wednesday. “Nico has played, so that’s encouraging to get him back. I think because he has played, he’ll come back a lot quicker. Keagan hasn’t done anything football-wise with a lot of consistency since last December, but he looks good right now, so hopefully, we have those guys out there.”
Brecht has one reception for four yards, but Petras hasn’t been afraid to let it fly. If Brecht can continue to get his timing down and develop chemistry with Petras– then he could be a big weapon when conference play revs up. 
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