Sky Sports urged to step in as Man Utd legend Gary Neville slammed for 'unprofessionalism' – Express

  • September 18, 2022
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Simon Jordan has called on Sky Sports to step in and stop Gary Neville from celebrating Manchester United goals while co-commentating on a match. Neville could be heard cheering for both of his old team’s goals during the 2-1 win over Liverpool at Old Trafford on Monday.
In what has become a common occurrence for matches between United and Liverpool, the former England right-back was alongside ex-Reds defender Jamie Carragher on the gantry. Sky filmed the pair during the match and put up their reactions to the goals on social media afterwards.
But Jordan believes it shows a lack of professionalism from Neville. The ex-Crystal Palace chairman has often been critical of the pundit in the recent past and has hit out at him again.
Speaking on talkSPORT on Friday, Jordan said: “Gary Neville, the Mayor of Manchester, AKA the town crier that has a view on every societal ail, and alongside his views on football, will have a vantage point that sometimes is very insightful and we get to learn a lot.
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Man Utd legend Gary Neville celebrating on Sky Sports“Everybody knows the partisan nature of Carragher’s broadcasting, of Gary Neville’s broadcasting, because it would be dishonest to say that you don’t have an invested interest in what you’re watching because you played for them.
“But I don’t think it’s a particularly good look or professional look for a broadcaster giving us a description of a game that starts with his emotional investment in it.”
Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown was alongside Jordan. He has regularly been a co-commentator for both the BBC and BT Sport in recent seasons.
And he said Neville and Carragher’s behaviour is what Sky wants. Keown said: “I think they’re good at what they do.
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“I think it’s when you’re doing a co-comm and you’re creating a mix. It’s the stance that they’ve taken, Sky.”
However, Jordan hit back and questioned why both the viewer and Sky would want a co-commentator behaving like Neville did. Jordan responded: “Why do we want this?
“We want good commentary, we want insightful commentary, we want enthusiastic commentary. What we don’t want is somebody wrapped up in a Man United scarf, cheering the goal in a big game that goes around the world. Why would Sky want it? It goes around the world.”
Neville reacted to criticism over his commentary earlier this week. He tweeted that he will “continue to do both” when it comes to giving expert analysis as well as ‘fan-boy antics’.
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