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  • September 18, 2022

The Tennessee Volunteers (2-0) are set to host the Akron Zips (1-1) in Neyland Stadium for their Week 3 matchup. 
Pregame Notes: 
-Juwan Mitchell is IN for the Vols after missing the first two games of the season for undisclosed reasons. 
-Defensive backs Dee Williams and Warren Burrell are OUT for the Vols. Burrell was injured in OT last week against Pitt and Williams is yet to make his Tennessee debut.
-LT Jeremiah Crawford is OUT for the Vols as well for undisclosed reasons. Gerald Mincey played every snap at LT last week for UT. 
-Josh Heupel's final press conference leading up to the Akron game is in the video above. 
The game is not being televised, as SECN+ and ESPN+ have the stream. A live update thread of the game in a sold out Neyland Stadium is below.  
The Vols win the toss and will receive. 
UT Drive 1: Drive starts at the 30. A pair of Jabari Small carries get UT to approximately midfield. Small was injured on his second carry and walked off to the injury tent. Looks like a shoulder. 
UT moving downfield not as fast as I would've expected. Vols facing a third and nine at the Akron 34. 
Tennessee ultimately cannot get the first down and opts to kick a field goal. Chase McGrath cannot connect from 47 yards out. 
UT 0, Akron 0 11:59–1Q
Akron Drive 1: Vols force three-and-out, bringing pressure to QB DJ Irons on third down. Juwan Mitchell started opposite Aaron Beasley at LB and Christian Charles started at CB opposite Kamal Hadden. 
UT 0, Akron 0 10:31–1Q
UT Drive 2: Two Jaylen Wright runs give Tennessee their first first down of the drive. 
Hooker misses Cedric Tillman for a potential long TD then runs for a big first down to the Akron 28. 
Hooker hits Princeton Fant across the middle to get inside the 10. PI call on Akron DB against Tillman puts UT at the 2. Jaylen Wright punches it in for the first score of the game. 
UT 7, Akron 0 8:39–1Q
Akron Drive 2: Starting at their own 25. 
Akron calls timeout before the first play. Zips go three-and-out. 
UT 7, Akron 0 7:41–1Q
Tennessee Drive 3: Starting at their own 21 after a block in the back penalty on the return. 
Squirrel White makes a great catch down the sideline for a first down. Great play. DPI on the next play in the endzone gives UT the ball at the Akron 17. 
Vols face third and 19 from the 26 and can't convert. UT will go for it on fourth down and converts. An option pitch to Dylan Sampson results in a touchdown. 
UT 14, Akron 0 5:52–1Q
Akron Drive 3: Starting at their own 25. First down on first play of drive with 16-yard throw and catch. 
Akron ultimately faces 3rd and 20 and can't convert, but a roughing the passer call gives the Zips a first down. Unsportsmanlike penalty pushes the Zips back to the original spot, though. Still first and 10.
Akron ultimately can't get across mid field and punts.  
UT 14, Akron 0 2 mins/1Q
Tennessee Drive 4: 
Vols get a first down on their first set of downs and face a first and 10 from their own 31 at the end of the first quarter. 
END OF ONE: Vols 14, Akron 0
WIDE open Jalin Hyatt down the sideline for a 57-yard touchdown. Vols lead 21-0 early in the second quarter. 
UT 21, Akron 0–14:40 1Q
Akron Drive 4: 
Akron has moved across midfield with a few first downs. Best drive from the Zips so far. 
Akron takes their last timeout of the half with a first and 10 from UT's 47. 
Akron keeps moving the ball and is within UT's 25. Zips currently face a big 3rd and 7 from the 22. 
A bad drop gives the Zips a 4th down and they attempt a 40-yard field goal. No good. 
Vols 21, Akron 0–9:27/2Q
UT Drive 5: 
Tillman ruled to have fumbled on a first down catch but it's overturned. 
On 1st and 10 from their own 33, Tillman nabs an 8-yard reception but his leg bends the wrong way when getting tackled. The star wideout was down on the field for a long time and ultimately walked off on his own power. 
Big run by Dylan Sampson on the next play to the Akron 32. 
Drive ends with Dylan Sampson scoring from 11 yards out on an option. Hendon Hooker took a big hit on the play but it results in six. 
UT 28, Akron 0–6:47/2Q
Akron Drive 5: 
Akron is having success moving the ball again and is across midfield. Wide receivers are getting open and the Zips have the ball first-and-goal at the five yard line. 
Akron ball carrier fumbles into the endzone as the UT defense makes a huge play. Touchback gives the Vols possession at the 20. 
UT 28, Akron 0 2:54/2Q
UT Drive 6: 
UT gets to midfield with a string of plays before Jalin Hyatt takes a sland 48 yards to the house. Incredible speed on display from Hyatt there. 
UT 35, Akron 0 0:56/2Q
Akron Drive 6: 
Akron's final drive in the first half goes nowhere and they punt to run the time out in the first half. 
HALFTIME: Vols 35, Akron 0
Akron loses 11 yards on a 2nd-and-10 play. Third down attempt is no good and Zips will punt. 
The punt is nearly blocked by Walker Merrill who had the timing down, but Akron punter Noah Gettman fakes him out and gets it off. Not a great punt, though. Vols to start at their own 45. 
UT 35, Akron 0 12:01/3Q
Hendon Hooker finds Jalin Hyatt for a 47-yard gain down the sideline. Great throw from Hooker. Goal-to-go for the Vols. 
Wright punches it in from a yard out for his second score of the night. 
UT 42, Akron 0–10:15/3Q
Akron Drive 2: 
Drive is quickly moved to midfield with a roughing the passer call on Aaron Beasley that did not sit well with Josh Heupel. 
Great catch from Tony Grimes Jr. for Akron sets up a first and 10 from the UT 35-yard-line. 
Interception from the UT defense is coming back for DPI on Trevon Flowers. Akron has the ball at the UT 22. 
Would be TD catch from Tristian Bank is dropped. 
Kamal Hadden should've had an interception on third-and-goal but can't get full control before going out of bounds. Akron kicks a field goal to prevent the shutout. 
Vols 42, Akron 3–7:35/3Q
Tennessee Drive 2: 
Joe Milton III enters the game for Tennessee. 
First play of the drive goes for two yards and Sampson limps off. Vols go three-and-out for the first time in the game. 
Akron Drive 3: 
Irons is sacked on back-to-back-to-back plays by Elijah Herring, Bryson Eason and Elijah Herring. Zips punt. 
UT 42, Akron 3 3:14–3Q
Tennessee Drive 3: 
Jimmy Calloway is ejected after throwing a handful of punches at Akron players. Three unsportsmanlike penalties occurred on one play between the two teams. 
Tennessee ultimately punts and Akron will start at their own 20. Ball nearly hit an Akron player's foot when the punt landed. 
Akron Drive 4: 
Akron goes three-and-out. 
UT 42, Akron 3 0:04/3Q
Tennessee Drive 4:
Joe Milton III slings a dot to Ramel Keyton for a 57-yard score. Vols lead 49-3.
UT 49, Zips 3 END OF THREE
Akron Drive 5: 
Vols get a big sack on third down to force a punt. James Pearce Jr. credited with the sack. 
UT 49, Akron 3–12:38/4Q
Tennessee Drive 5: 
Squirrel White nearly returns the punt for a TD. 
Joe Milton III quickly finds Walker Merrill for a 38-yard STRIKE for a TD. 
Vols 56, Akron 3–11:45/4Q
Akron Drive 6:
Akron is moving the ball across midfield. 
Drive ends in a field goal.
Vols 56, Akron 6:22 remains.
Tayven Jackson runs it in from one yard out for six.
Score: Vols 63, Akron 6
FINAL: Vols 63, Akron 6


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