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  • September 18, 2022

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I can’t remember a week this early in the season with as many injury questions as we’re facing heading into Week 2, and even at 11 am on Sunday morning, we’re facing a ton of uncertainty. In fact, I’d argue we have more uncertainty right now than we did Friday afternoon — which is the opposite of how it’s supposed to work. 
That’s why we’re here. Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings, and Dave Richard are on CBS Sports HQ to answer your questions and get you the latest up-to-date injury news live until kickoff. And if you want more direct answers to your questions, I’ve got two more ways for you to win: Go to Twitter and use the hashtag “#AskFFT”, where our whole team will be answering questions all morning; and go to the FFT YouTube channel to chat with Adam Aizer, Frank Stampfl and I starting at 11:30. We’ll be there right up until kickoff answering as many questions as we can, so make sure you’re in the chat early to get your questions in. 
For more Week 2 help, here’s the rest of our preview content to get you ready:
For the rest of this morning’s newsletter, I’ve got updates on the latest injury news as well as answers to your questions in an #AskFFT mailbag — email me at [email protected] throughout the week to get your emails included. 
Running backs
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That Bills defense looked pretty fearsome in Week 1, but since when do we care about matchups with Derrick Henry? You didn’t draft him in the first round to start playing matchups, and while I do like Henderson in what should be a good matchup against the Falcons, I couldn’t bring myself to sit Henry for him. It’s fair to have slightly lowered expectations for Henry, given the matchup, but he’s also still one of a few backs with a nearly guaranteed 18-plus touch workload – Henderson definitely doesn’t have that, though I do expect him to get the majority (and perhaps the vast majority) of the RB touches for the Rams. They’re pretty close in my rankings, but Henry is the guy. 
As you can see from the injury report segment, there’s a lot to be concerned about with the Bucs right now. But I think you might be overthinking this one: Montgomery still had 17 carries and four targets in Week 1. It was a little concerning to see Khalil Herbert get a valuable drive to help close out a win. Still, I think that was mostly because it was just his turn – the Bears were seemingly going with two drives for Montgomery, one for Herbert, and I expect to see something like that trend continue. That should still give Montgomery a significant role, enough to make him worth starting over Landry and Lazard for me. 
I certainly share your concern about Harris, both with regards to some risk of re-injury as well as performance concerns – this Steelers offense still looked pretty mediocre last week, so Harris might need big volume to remain a must-start option, which is harder to project with a foot injury he’s already suffered a setback from. That being said, I’m still starting him over Patterson, who likely won’t see another 22 carries this week. I don’t doubt Patterson could be more efficient than Harris, but I’m still projecting Harris to have a pretty significant edge in terms of touches, and that’s enough to tip it in his favor, especially with both facing what should be pretty tough matchups. 
You could make a case for Week 1 actually being pretty promising for Etienne, given his snap and route participation – he also had multiple red zone targets and very easily could have had two touchdowns with better execution. However, James Robinson looks like the lead rusher for the Jaguars, and I’m not sure Etienne is as good of a pass catcher as we might have hoped coming into the season. Robinson looked like himself, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was a 65-35 split in favor of Robinson moving forward, while I expect Penny to be the clear lead back even with Walker active. Penny is a fringe RB2 for me, while Etienne is more like a fringe RB3. 
 Well, Pittman is out, so that makes things easier. I’m going with Higgins, assuming there isn’t a surprise inactive announcement Sunday morning – and I don’t expect there will be. He’s a high-end WR2 for me, so the second spot comes down to Sanders vs. Dillon, and that one’s very close. Like, it could not be closer – Dillon is RB22, Sanders is RB23 in my rankings. In non-PPR and even half-PPR, Sanders gets the edge, but in full, I’m going with Dillon in a coinflip. 
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