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  • September 16, 2022

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Ask punters; sports scores mean a lot. More than the thrill of seeing the scores change, say on the scoreboard, the financial implication of such scores is no less exhilarating for gamblers. 
So financially lucrative is getting the scores right that top sports prediction sites like liontips.com invest a fortune in getting top experts to predict match results.
It is 2022, with digital adoption blooming. You no longer need to be in a stadium or wait for newspaper headlines to know the scores of sports events. With today’s sports score apps, you can get updated scores in real-time in your preferred sporting events.
Which are some of the top score apps you can try out?
This sports score app is perfect for covering a wide range of sporting events. Be you an EPL, NBA, or NFL fan, almost all the major competitions and leagues are covered.
A source of sports news and scores, it updates these events in real-time. It features an interactive dashboard with a news feed that you can tailor to display news and scores from only your selected leagues and teams.
Besides, there are other exciting features theScore app possesses. This includes in-depth pregame analysis, betting lines, group chat, popular social media stories concerning your team, and the option to share these stories.
What is more? The app has over 10 million downloads, with a 4.7 Play Store rating.
Like its peer mentioned above, LiveScore covers a versatile array of sporting events. Though it gives real-time updates on sports like Tennis, Basketball, and Cricket, it gives more priority to soccer.
With LiveScore, users can freely stream football matches, though this is currently only accessible to users in Ireland and the UK. Nevertheless, users worldwide can still experience detailed match analysis, commentary, lineups, and more.
It features a neat layout that allows users to skim seamlessly through highlights of different games. 
In addition, users can use the Explore option to search for their favorite sports and include them in the Favorites section. There is also the Calendar feature to track future matches.
Available for download for Android and iOS, this app is a no-brainer for those interested in getting the best soccer updates.
SofaScore provides live score updates and coverage for up to 25 sports. It features several exciting features that make it outstanding.
These include Shotmaps, Player Ratings, Heatmaps, Attribute overview, and attack momentum. Besides, its most notable feature is it is compatible with the Android Wear smartwatches, where users can stream goal clips.
In addition, there is a chat option for engagement with other sports fans. To further liven the platform, there is the Battle Draft game that keeps users logged in for longer.
This sports score app is both iOS and Android compatible.
This organization is a world leader in sports coverage. Their app does justice to this assertion, constantly relaying updated sports news globally.
It features an easy-to-navigate interface that is customizable to suit one’s sports preferences. Users can set it to notify them of any latest updates concerning any chosen sports league.
You also receive access to several ESPN podcasts besides live sports results. Furthermore, if you purchase an ESPN+ subscription on a monthly or yearly basis, you will be able to view a variety of content, including live games and exclusive ESPN+ Originals.
Bleacher Report is a great sports app for sports enthusiasts who want to learn more about their favorite teams. Besides other features, such as sports news and scores, the app gives you access to in-depth articles, rankings, and forecasts on almost all major sports and leagues.
Bleacher Report is unique in that it compiles hand-picked stories as soon as they are published online. You can quickly link your fantasy team account with the app if you have one. 
You will be notified of any new information on your team’s players in this manner. In addition, users can streamline their sports choices to a particular sport, league, or team.
Bleacher Report places a strong emphasis on social media integration. You can quickly share your sporting events on social media platforms.
The app isn’t any less popular than the others mentioned, with over 10 million downloads across all platforms.
The FlashScore sports app keeps users updated on the latest scores, rankings, and news for over 30 sports and about 6,000 athletic events. All these it does in real-time.
It features an interactive interface for a seamless viewing experience. Users can receive notifications for their preferred game.
Before every game, there is an in-depth pregame review and live commentary text in-game, even for the athletics competitions. 
This app is available for download on every platform.
The CBS Sports app aims to provide the most up-to-date information on all sporting events, and it does an excellent job of meeting that goal. 
It sends you alerts when there are highlights, new scores, or news. Based on your unique feed configurations, you can tailor these notifications.
It features live streams of different sports games, and with a subscription, you can watch your favorite league matches.
To top it off, you can listen to live radio podcasts and share fantastic moments with other users. In addition, you can cast and control playback from your Android phone if you have an Android-powered TV.
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