Ohio State football survives to remain No. 1; Scott Frost fired – The Columbus Dispatch

  • September 14, 2022

Ohio State escaped a weekend of upsets as if it was a stock car dodging a smoky 10-car pileup on the final turn. It wasn’t always pretty. Often it was ugly, but the Buckeyes did just enough against Sun Belt upstart Arkansas State to hold onto their No. 1 ranking. Yes, No. 2 Michigan throttled Hawaii 56-10, but the Rainbow Warriors had been outscored 112-27 in their first two games. Elsewhere, how the once-upon-a-time mighty have fallen. Nebraska may have reached the bottom after losing to Georgia Southern, although the Cornhuskers have Oklahoma this week, so maybe the bottom is still down there somewhere. The good news for Iowa? The Hawkeyes are above Nebraska, but that’s not saying much. Wisconsin dropped, Rutgers rose and Illinois left the basement.
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Last week: 1
This week: Toledo
What to know: The Buckeyes keep things in-state against one of the better Mid-American teams; OSU has not lost to an Ohio opponent since 1921 (Oberlin).
Last week: 2
This week: UConn
What to know: Jim Harbaugh said he will go with quarterback J.J. McCarthy to start the rest of the way, or until wise King Solomon suggests something else to him. 
Last week: 4
This week: at Auburn
What to know: The Nittany Lions have not played a regular-season game in the Deep South since beating Alabama in 1990. They hope to take it to the Crimson Tide’s in-state rival as well. 
Last week: 5
This week: at Washington
What to know: The last time the Green and White played in the Pacific Northwest (2014), it surrendered 46 points to Oregon. Sparty’s stout defense won’t let the Huskies score nearly that many.
Last week: 6
This week: Colorado
What to know: The Golden Gophers put up 679 yards of offense last week against Western Illinois. The Buffs are in trouble. 
Last week: 3
This week: New Mexico State
What to know: Now that another early-season hiccup is out of the way, the Badgers should breathe easy – until playing Ohio State next week.  
Last week: 8
This week: SMU
What to know: Do we believe Maryland is for real? We do not. But the Mustangs don’t have enough horsepower to expose the Terrapins as frauds. 
Last week: 9
This week: at Temple
What to know: Don’t look now, but coach Greg Schiano has the Scarlet Knights believing in something other than their 9-39 record from 2016-2019.
Last week: 10
This week: at Syracuse
What to know: The good news? Better to travel to upstate New York in late summer than early winter. The bad? The Orange rain on the Boilers’ first road game parade.
Last week: 13
This week: Western Kentucky
What to know: The Hoosiers are undefeated, which is like saying Prince Charles is now King Charles III. Just doesn’t sound right. 
Last week: 14
This week: idle.
What to know: The Illini get a week off to read their own headlines, which for once do not appear on the obituary page. 
Last week: 7
This week: Southern Illinois
What to know: It must hurt coach Pat Fitzgerald knowing his defense is inherently defenseless – Duke averaged more than eight yards per play last week – but the “D” earns a C+ against the Salukis. 
Last week: 12
This week: Nevada
What to know: If you can count to 10, that is three more points than the Hawkeyes are able to score.  
Last week: 11
This week: Oklahoma
What to know: Cue the sad trombone. The Cornhuskers’ challenge no longer is “Who do we hire?” but “Who can we attract?” What successful coach wants to take a flier on this mess? 


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