Browns at Panthers score: Baker Mayfield's quest for revenge comes up short as Cleveland boots Carolina late – CBS Sports

  • September 12, 2022

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Baker Mayfield’s quest for revenge came up just short, as the Cleveland Browns defeated the Carolina Panthers 26-24 thanks to a game-winning field goal. This game was a roller coaster, as the Panthers dropped 17 points in the fourth quarter to acquire a 23-21 lead with just one minute left in the game. However, Jacoby Brissett engineered a six-play, 35-yard drive to set up a Cade York 58-yard field goal which landed Cleveland in the win column. 
Mayfield completed 16 of 27 passes for 235 yards, one touchdown and one interception, and also rushed for a touchdown. On the other side, Brissett completed 18 of 34 passes for 147 yards and one touchdown.
It was truly a tale of two halves, as the Panthers looked dead in the water through the first two quarters. The Browns acquired a 10-point lead at halftime thanks to the duo of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Chubb finished with 141 rushing yards, while Hunt racked up 70 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns. If there was one takeaway from Sunday, the Browns proved that even without Deshaun Watson, they can still win games. 
Previously, the Browns were winless in their last 17 season openers, and hadn’t won a Week 1 game on the road since 1994, when Bill Belichick and Vinny Testaverde led Cleveland to a win over Cincinnati. As for what’s next, the Panthers hit the road to take on the New York Giants next Sunday, while the Browns return to Cleveland to host the New York Jets. 
Carolina has the lead! Now it’s all on the defense. 1 minute is plenty of time, but you have to remember the Browns don’t have any timeouts. 
Panthers defense finally holds! Cleveland is going to punt and set up Mayfield with a game-winning scenario. Storybook stuff. 
Jaycee Horn has two defensive holding penalties on him today. Not good at all. This possession is so important. 
The Panthers are very much alive! Unreal. All the momentum at this point. You can bet your bottom dollar the Browns are going to try to run some clock on the ground and engineer another scoring drive. Panthers defense has to step up
ROBBIE ANDERSON 75 yards to the house! Are you kidding!
The Browns looked like they were rolling for a second. Still got a field goal out of the 57-yard drive. Nine-point deficit with 6 minutes left. Not enough time?
11 plays, 75 yards, TD for Carolina. That’s one of their best drives of the game. 
There’s some old school Mayfield. Right up the middle for a seven-yard touchdown. This game is not over! 
He took out some frustration throwing that football into the end zone padding. 
It really is good to see McCaffrey back. He’s up to 32 yards on nine touches. 
Christian McCaffrey just took a bad snap for 28 yards. He needs to play quarterback. 
In all seriousness, this Panthers line has been very, very bad. I get Myles Garrett is going to have the upper hand over a rookie left tackle, but we need some adjustments here. 
The Panthers’ offensive line is not helping Mayfield out at all. Two straight sacks ruin the drive. Things are not looking good for Carolina. 
Browns go 58 yards on 13 plays and extend their lead to 13 with a field goal. They feel in control of this game, but let’s see what Mayfield can do with his first drive of the second half. 
Nick Chubb is unreal. Feels like we don’t talk about him enough. 110 yards already. 
What was more weird? Stefanski preparing to go for it on fourth down, or Rhule calling that timeout? 
It’s interesting because I was told before the game that they were keeping the game plan simple for Jacoby Brissett–not asking him to do too much. Source said team figured running backs would have a prolific game. Chubb & Hunt continue to show value. Over 100ry combined so far.
Christian McCaffrey is back! His first touchdown since November 21. 
That’s exactly what Carolina needed. A 50-yard catch and run by tight end Ian Thomas. Panthers are in position to cut the lead to seven. Here we go. 
The Browns are clearly going to rely on their two great backs to carry this offense and they are more than capable of doing so. Both Chubb and Hunt have looked awesome, and now Cleveland has a 14-0 lead.
Was about to say this Panthers defense wants to keep the team in the game. But then Brissett picked up 25 yards on two plays. I’m telling you, he is not bad at all. 
Panthers have 21 yards on five possessions.
Baker sacked, then has to dirt one. Boo’s out at Bank of America Stadium. Another third and very long for the #Panthers
This is terrible for the Panthers. On the verge of another three and out. Mayfield is definitely holding the ball more than he should. What’s wrong? 
The sideline reporter saying she’s never seen Baker Mayfield this calm is a huge red flag for me. 
Baker throws a terrible interception and then CJ Henderson commits an egregious pass interference penalty that costs Carolina 34 yards. Unreal. 
Definitely thought Baker Mayfield was going to take this game personally like the guy he was in college.
Seems like the Panthers defense is settling in. Kareem Hunt stuffed on first down, then three straight incompletions for Brissett. All well and good, but let’s see if Mayfield and the offense can do anything. 
The Panthers offense is humming. 6 yards on 10 plays.
While the Panthers have had a terrible start, no harm no foul. 0-0 game. Another opportunity for Mayfield and Co. What would I do differently? A couple deep shots. You have the arsenal for it. 
The Browns run game has carried the offense thus far, and it’s something many predicted would happen. Brissett isn’t a bad QB, but Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt make this offense what it is. Browns look more prepared overall on both sides of the ball. I honestly predicted the opposite. 
Man, Nick Chubb looks GREAT. Four rushes for 21 yards. Would be even lot more if the right guard wasn’t holding on that last play. Panthers D needs to wrap up

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