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  • September 11, 2022

Third Quarter
Tigers force a quick turnover from the Jaguars and second-year safety Sage Ryan recovers the fumble. LSU with the ball in great field position. 
Scoring Update: LSU 58, Southern 0
After a composed drive down the field, Armoni Goodwin punches in the score for LSU. 
Wide receivers Chris Hilton Jr. and Kyren Lacy have entered the game, each getting significant run in the second half. 
A quick turnaround for Nussmeier, with smarter decisions, gives the Tigers energy as we reach the midway point in the third quarter. Controlling the pace and spreading the ball out, LSU is polishing their approach.
A quick three and out by the Tigers gives the Jaguars great field position to get their second half started, but Southern unable to get things going. Ali Gaye forces a fumble and the Tigers recover.
Nussmeier stays in the game to get the second half going, but Howard is getting ready on the sidelines. 
Halftime: LSU 51, Southern 0 
Second Quarter
Scoring Update: LSU 51, Southern 0
Nussmeier drops a beautiful pass to Malik Nabers who makes a tremendous over the shoulder catch. Puts the Tigers in the red zone where Baton Rouge native Noah Cain handles business and punches in the score.
Freshman quarterback Walker Howard has taken off his red signaling pullover and is warming up. 
Southern unable to get into a rhythm offensively and settle for a chip shot field goal that is no good. Tigers still handling business both defensively and on special teams.
Nussmeier remains in the game for the Tigers, but throws a quick interception to the Jaguars. The redshirt freshman showed his age there, trying to do a little too much. 
Southern gets within field goal range but their attempt is no good. Despite the miss, the Jaguars still showing fight.  
Jaguars putting together a solid drive, picking up positive yardage for the first time this evening. Quarterback BeSean McCray making this happen with his poised demeanor. Southern is in LSU territory. 
LSU punts for the first time tonight after some miscommunication offensively. 
Looks like Jayden Daniels' helmet is off on the sidelines with Nussmeier throwing his on. LSU switching quarterbacks here with 12:55 remaining in the quarter. Daniels went 10-11 passing for 137 yards and 4 total TD. He really spread the ball amongst his receivers with TD’s from Kayshon Boutte, Jack Bech and Brian Thomas.
LSU's defense is really getting it done tonight, forcing Southern to punt yet again. A quick three and out gives the ball back to the Tigers.
Scoring Update: LSU 44, Southern 0
Daniels hits wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. on a quick 44-yard touchdown pass. 
Tigers are still going with their starters to get the second quarter going. Jayden Daniels will remain in the game for the first drive. 
First Quarter
Scoring Update: LSU 37, Southern 0
Another three and out from Southern, but LSU special teams comes through for another big play. Tigers block the Jaguars' punt, but couldn't recover it. Ball goes out of the back of the end zone for a safety. 
Scoring Update: LSU 35, Southern 0 
LSU quickly turns the Southern turnover into points on a slant pass from Jayden Daniels to Malik Nabers. 
Tigers have forced three Southern turnovers here in the first quarter. 5:36 remaining. 
Right when Southern began getting positive yardage, the Tigers force a fumble. LSU recovers. 
Scoring Update: LSU 28, Southern 0
Micah Baskerville with a pick-six on the first play of Southern's drive. Things are getting out of hand quickly. 
Scoring Update: LSU 21, Southern 0
Jayden Daniels putting on display his elite athleticism early in this one. Rolls to his left to hit Jack Bech in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. 
Offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock making it a priority to get Boutte the ball. Quick end-around play to get it to him in space, the All-American WR takes it for a massive gain to put LSU in the red zone. 
Greg Penn breaks up a screen pass on third down and forces another Southern three and out.  
True freshman Harold Perkins getting some run here in the first quarter, using him in a JACK role. Brian Kelly has praised the youngster, clearly giving him a chance here. 
Scoring Update: LSU 14, Southern 0
Tigers with a quick drive down the field and Josh Williams punches it in. 
Armoni Goodwin has looked sharp to get things going here. The sophomore running back had 49-yards on the latest drive for LSU. 
Offensive line protections showing improvement with new starting lineup of: LT: Campbell LG: Dellinger C: Turner RG: Bradford RT: Frazier.
LSU forces a quick three and out from Southern. Greg Clayton returns the punt for the Tigers. 
Scoring Update: LSU 7, Southern 0
LSU goes to Kayshon Boutte on their first two plays to pick up a few yards. Immediately go to Jayden Daniels following to make something happen with his feet, scrambles for a quick touchdown. 
Southern receives the opening kickoff, but LSU forces a turnover. Fumble Southern, the Tigers recover in the red zone. Special teams hurt this program a week ago, looking to recover strong this week.
LSU enters Saturday’s matchup looking to rebound from their season opening loss against Florida State. Facing off against a fiery Southern Jaguars squad who is fresh off of an 86-0 win against Florida Memorial, the Tigers will look to hold their offense in check.
LSU enters the game as a heavy favorite with the chance to assert their dominance against an inferior opponent. This program will look to get back to the LSU standard of football against the Jaguars.
“We are who we are, there’s nobody else coming through the doors,” Kelly said. “This is the team we have and I like their development so I would say we’re on schedule for the preparation part and we’re moving towards really focusing on our opponent.”
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