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  • September 10, 2022

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The Central Michigan Chippewas will take on the South Alabama Jaguars at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday at home. Both teams have set a high bar for this game after stand-out offensive performances in their previous games.
CMU came up short against the Oklahoma State Cowboys last Thursday, falling 58-44. The Chippewas were down 51-22 at the end of the third quarter, which was just too much to recover from.
Meanwhile, the sound you heard last week was the absolute smackdown South Alabama laid on the Nicholls Colonels. The game was pretty much decided by the half, when the score had already reached 27 to nothing.
South Alabama’s win lifted them to 1-0 while Central Michigan’s loss dropped them down to 0-1. We’ll see if South Alabama’s success rolls on or if CMU is able to steal their positive momentum.

Jags 38 | CMU 24 ‼️

Next game: South travels out to UCLA next weekend
Final: South Alabama 38, CMU 24
Chippewas entertain Bucknell on Saturday, Sept. 17#FireUpChips
CMU scores again and the 2 point conversion is good. Jags lead with under 5 to go

Jags 38 | CMU 24
4:30 | 4Q#LEO | #OurCity
D-Rich hits Joel Wilson for a 16-yard TD. Richardson tosses to Decorion Tmple for the 2-point conversion. South Alabama 38, CMU 24. 4:30 left. #FireUpChips
CMU finds the end zone but the 2 point conversion is no good. Jags still lead by 22

Jags 38 | CMU 16
8:43 | 4Q#LEO | #OurCity
Marion Lukes with a 12-yard TD run gets the Chippewas back on the board. Try for 2 fails. South Alabama 38, CMU 16. 8:43 to play.#FireUpChips
La’Damian Webb runs it in to extend the Jag lead 😤‼️

Jags 38 | CMU 10
10:53 | 4Q #LEO | #OurCity
La’Damian Webb runs it in to extend the Jag lead 😤‼️

Jags 38 | CMU 10
10:53 | 4Q
South Alabama scores on a 30-yard run to extend it to 38-10 with 10:53 left. #FireUpChips
#FireUpChips pic.twitter.com/k6nAlHPg6b
We head to fourth, Jags continue to lead on the road#LEO | #OurCity pic.twitter.com/1Wu4pzxpe7
South Alabama holds after a turnover and Central Michigan misses a 36-yard field goal

Jags 31, CMU 10
7:36 | 3Q#LEO | #OurCity
#FireUpChips pic.twitter.com/jf4O20FqkD
Halftime and the Jags take the lead into the locker room#LEO | #OurCity pic.twitter.com/DYKIiCFPwf
Halftime and the Jags take the lead into the locker room#LEO | #OurCity
Central Michigan with a 48-yard field goal to trim the lead, Jags still lead

Jags 31 | CMU 10
1:21 | 2Q#LEO | #OurCity
Chippewas’ TD pass wiped out by holding penalty. Marshall Meeder kicks a 48-yard field goal. Jaguars 31, CMU 10. 1:21 to play in the half. #FireUpChips
Diego Guajardo from 36 yards out to extend the lead for the Jags!!

Jags 31 | CMU 7
5:47 | 2Q#LEO | #OurCity
South Alabama adds a field goal with 5:47 to play in the half. Jaguars 31, CMU 7. #FireUpChips
And that’s No. 1oo for Mr. Wayne!!#LEO | #OurCity pic.twitter.com/aemYpnv8rX
What a way to get your 100th career catch Jalen Wayne, a 10-yard touchdown!!

Jags 28 | CMU 7
2Q | 12:14#LEO | #OurCity pic.twitter.com/LTLtumxP9q
CMU stopped on 4th down at midfield. S. Alabama takes over and goes 50 yards in 6 plays and extends its lead to 27-7. #FireUpChips
First career touchdown for Devin Voisin from 22 yards out to extend the lead!!#LEO | #OurCity pic.twitter.com/RuH1TvaSMG
Chippewas fumble on the kickoff return, S. Alabama recovers. 3 plays later, Jaguars are in the end zone. 1:05 to play, first quarter. S. Alabama 20, CMU 7. #FireUpChips
S. Alabama scores on a short run. Jaguars 13, CMU 7. #FireUpChips
Lew Nichols III with a 5-yard TD run. CMU 7, South Alabama 6. #FireUpChips
Central Michigan takes the lead on a short touchdown run

CMU 7 | Jags 6
5:08 | 1Q#LEO | #OurCity
A thing of beauty! #LEO | #OurCity pic.twitter.com/wOUPewbIcO
South Alabama strikes first with a 16-yard TD pass. Jaguars 6, CMU 0 #FireUpChips

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